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O58a Doc Task Backlog (Open)

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Organisation L03a Documentation Tasks


This is the backlog tasks, that regularly saved in the archived task tables.


It stores all tasks that might need implementation and documentation earlier or later. The most crucial piece of information is the due date. When we work with the table usually we order by due date descending and we jump to the task due today or overdue (due date < today).

The tasks with an empty due date resemble a bit a a sprint backlog page. These never due tasks are often ACHIEVED, but we keep track on them. They can be OPEN, then they are “nice to have” task. Also those can be closed: it might be a relaxing activity to close them.

Step NumberDue DateTask and Doc, code PageWhoWork targeted. . . . . .Remarks......ExcerptImp.Overall Status
Des2812/3128 HTPP or HTPPS? and ProxiesNikiFinish DocLowOPEN
Des2512/3125 IP Storage and Reverse IPNikiDocument Reverse IP logicOPEN
Des21b/c11/3021b Login & Register & Forgot passwordNikiMake all the docs for Login, register and lost password?MedOPEN
Des21a11/3021a Login & Register ProcessGeorgeFinish DocLowOPEN
CPT2911/3029 Make Central Banks Sites RunningGeorgeWrite detailed requirements.MedOPEN
Des20e10/3120e Login with Mailpoet&WPNikiLogin with Mailpoet, reuse the old code and existing mail LowOPEN
Des20c10/3120c Social and MailPoet Register ComparedNikiFinish DocLowOPEN
Des1510/3115 New SNBCHF pageNikiFinish proposalMedOPEN
Des1110/3111 Story popupNikiMake story popupnot yet publishedMedFIXED
CPT3010/3130 Teasers, CSS in different Languages-ConceptGeorgeFinish DocMedOPEN
CPT2310/3123 Build Social CommunityGeorgeWrite detailed requirements.MedOPEN
Des20f10/1520f Maipoet DB StructureNikiFinish DocLowOPEN
Too3609/3036 Google AnalyticsNiki, GeorgeMake more concise, add our DashboardsmissingLowOPEN
Too3409/3034 GTMetrix ReportRadRemove LinksmissingLowOPEN
Too3309/3033 AlexaNiki, RadWrite some text about screenshotsmissingLowOPEN
Too1209/3012 Import PDF to HTMLNikiNeed for a good import of PDF in HTMLmissingLowOPEN
Too0709/3007 Our Cloud and Access to itNikiAdd PcloudmissingLowOPEN
Too0609/3006 Tech emailsNikiChanged mails to niki@e-llusion, update in docmissingLowFIXED
Tes3109/3031 Problem with imagesNikiFinish DocmissingLowOPEN
Ser2509/3025 Server configuration – php.iniNikiChanging php.ini with Vesta is missingmissingLowOPEN
Ser2409/3024 Installing SubdomainsNikimissingLowExcerpt
Mar23c09/3023c Twitter G+ SyncGeorgeFinish Doc!-----Doc MediumMedOPEN
Des1509/3015 New home page suggestionNikiFinish the DocScreenshot are missingOPEN
CPT2209/3022 Login process via Social-ConceptGeorgeSubscribe via Facebook, Twitter, etc. and login--MedOPEN
CPT2109/3021 Follow, Subscribe, Register, Donate LogicGeorgeFinish DocLowOPEN
Con3209/3032 Regular Doc TasksNikiRegular Doc Tasks that happen e.g. once a week.OPEN
Con2209/3022 Hot LinkingGeorgeRewrite the whole pageImage is brokenLowOPEN
Orga0209/1502 Business plan SupportGeorgeTake pictures of big office, not only small roomMedOPEN
Orga0109/1501 Business planGeorgeImprove business planHighOPEN
Mar23b09/1523b WordPress.comNikiDelete sites from Wordpress.comLowACHIEVED
Des03b09/1503b Permalinks Discussion & Broken LinksNikiFinish DocMedOPEN
CPT2009/1520 Subscription MailpoetGeorgeMailpoet: Functional extension and Memberships MedOPEN
Tes0208/3102 Test MobileNikiAdd Nokia phones with opera minimissingMedOPEN
Ser0508/3105 CDNNikiMaxCDN or Photon? Which is better?LowOPEN
Plug9708/3197 Lightbox Lazy Load Shutter ReloadedRadCompare use of Lightbox, Lazy Load, Shutter Reloaded LowOPEN
Plug03b08/3103b Plugins to be integratedNikiIntegrate certain plugins in our onesFinish docLowOPEN
Plug03a08/31 03a Plugins New SitesRadCopy all plugins from economic blogs (once ready)MedOPEN
Feed2108/3121 Mobile feed SiteGeorgeFinish requirementsMedOPEN
Feed1208/3112 Sahifa: New Template for Feedsite NikiFinish docMedOPEN
Des20a08/3120a Email Subscription & NewsletterNiki2 additional requirements to newsletterMedOPEN
Des07c08/3107c Verify Author site mapNikiVerify Author site mapMedOPEN
CPT1608/3116 CompetitorsGeorgeFeedsite competitors pageHighOPEN
Con4040 Youtube DL and UploadRadImage under 3) needs own rowACHIEVED
Too0209/0102 Bi-weeklyNikiDo newest biweekly and create page for biweekly resultsmissingUrgentOPEN
Plug03d09/0103d ELLUSION Plugin NikiSnippet for align/clear shortcodeMedFIXED
Plug03c08/20WP Touch Mobile PluginNikiFeatured/Recent widget also in mobileMedOPEN
Trick1208/19Import page in TablepressNiki, RadAdd Header Line Improve FormattingmissingUrgent, LowOPEN
Con3408/1934 TablePress importRadDescribe how we import data to tablepressUrgentACHIEVED
Feed1608/1816 Full Post From RSS Feed ContentNikiWrite docUrgentACHIEVED
Mar23a08/1523a SNBCHF on FacebookGeorgeSNBCHF page on Facebook does not workMedOPEN
Feed0808/15Configuration of the Syndication PluginRad3 Open issuesAuthor creation, URL, Partial text+LinkMedACHIEVED
Des14b08/15 14b Plugin Landing READMERad/NikiREADME File: Import pages and improveMedOPEN
Des1408/1514 Plugin landing pageNikiCreate e-llusion landing page templatesbased on ungleich.ch and tablepress.org HighOPEN
Des1308/1513 English-speaking E-llusion pageNikiCreate e-llusion English-speaking pagebased on ungleich.ch and tablepress.org (maybe plugin landing)HighOPEN
CPT0408/1504 Increase Author VisibilityRadScreenshots missing from pluginsHighFIXED
Plug0108/1301 PluginsRad1. Double check links,
2. Mark E-llusion integrated plugins
3. Each subpage should have link to originalMedOPEN
Con2508/1325 Blog Data UpdateRadInsert new data/graphs on blogLowOPEN
Des03c08/1103c Mobile SitesNikiBigger Share ButtonsHighOPEN
Plug2008/0520 Mailpoet3 Custom changes to be addedUrgentOPEN
Plug03c.080408/04WP Touch Mobile PluginRadCHF history: http://snbchf.com/category/chf/chf-history/ also in mobileMedFIXED
Plug2107/3121 Trigger Response PluginNikiExtend Bunny Popup with Get Regular Email for both sitesMedOPEN
Plug0807/3108 Archive URL AidRadDouble check Archive aid on global macro and marketsCreate new archive entries if not availableLowOPEN
Plug05a07/3105a Follow AuthorNikiAdd Vkontakte G. Dorgan and AmazonLH FruitACHIEVED
07/25Create new PageGeorgeFind all Gandi pics (with Name Gandi), put them in Providers Directory and create Gandi pageOPEN
07/25no pageGeorgenew pics for template based on recent pictures takenOPEN
07/25no pageGeorgeAssign author=Jordan postsOPEN
Seo9.107/149.1. SEO snbchfRadSet category pic with logoFIXED
CPT1107/14Story & Company new pageGeorgeTransfer from HG to Gandi.netOPEN
Seo4.6.071307/134.6 SEO Copywriting: 25 Best Practices for 2014RadCopy that pageFIXED
Seo1.406/301.4 Images and ALT textGeorgeVerify quality of ALT text in mediaoutstanding: 2013,2012 for CHF, SNBOPEN
Plug08.061206/1208 Archive URL AidRadAdd date on the UIMedOPEN
Ser12.061106/1112 Transfer DomainsGeorgeReview pageThe page is created and finishedmissingMedExcerpt
Des14.061106/1114 Plugin landing pageRadChoose design for landing pageMedOPEN
Plug10a.060606/0610a TweetilyRadCreate reusuable TwittilyDesign: No
Code:Not ready, Test: No
Plug09a.060606/0609a AdsManager LightRadMake full Plugin out of itDesign: Not Finished
Code: Started
Plug21.060506/0521 Trigger-Response PluginRadMake a plugin from the codeDesign: Done
Coding: Not Finished
Testing: No
Plug06a.060506/0506b Share Buttons LightRadCreate plugin from the code into the templateDesign: Not ready
Coding: Done, Testing: No
Seo1.3.060406/041.3 Meta Desc and SnippetGeorgeCheck meta descriptions23/26 of the pages readyMedACHIEVED
Ser11.0513b06/0211 DNS and Hosting ProvidersNikiWhich is best for domain hostingMedFIXED
Plug5205/3052 AkismetRadSpam Investigation CleanTalk vs. AkismetThe investigation is doneMedFIXED
Plug03d.052205/2203d ELLUSION PluginRadDoc for modifying template, remove picture, change google search.The doc page is readyLowFIXED
Plug52.051805/1852 AkismetRadMake the doc for antispam pluginsThe page is readyLowACHIEVED
Plug96.051805/1796 Backup BuddyRadAdd doc about this pluginBackup buddy plugin page is doneMedACHIEVED
Plug96.051705/1796 Backup BuddyRadBackup buddy export from old server and load to test2.snbchf.comtest2 works, strange donate on startMed/LowFIXED
Plug06a.051705/1506b Share Buttons LightRadLinkedin under finance and vkontakte and youtube under social follow linksThe new icons are readyHighFIXED
Plug06a.051505/1506b Share Buttons LightRadFix the bugs from Bugfixing chapterThe lines social and finance not yet done. Issue with MarcMeyer fixed.Vkontakte, linkedin missingHighACHIEVED
Too3205/1332 Google Webmaster ToolsNikiGoogle Webmaster ToolsCheck mobile issuesmissingMedOPEN
Ser11.0513c05/1311 DNS and Hosting ProvidersNikiAdd the rest providersMedOPEN
Plug10a.05005/0810a TweetilyNiki & RadFill the page: how to use hootsuite as opposed to tweetilyMedACHIEVED
Plug05a.050405/0405a Follow AuthorRad1. tooltips for icons.
2. Doc: distinguish follow,share
3. Better icons mysite, aboutme
All of the 3 tasks are done.LowACHIEVED
Ser2727 C-net BacklinksNikiQuestion on C netmissingLowExcerpt
Ser2626 Editing the Hosts FileNikiMake page about hosts file and how it can be usedmissingLow Excerpt
Ser2323 Working with Vesta CPNikimissingLowExcerpt
Ser2222 Plesk vs. ConfixxNikiAdd more about PleskmissingLowOPEN
Ser2121 New Server and InstallationNikiRewrite the page and add tec. specificationmissingOPEN
Ser1313 Whois Policy & LawNikiFinish DocmissingLowOPEN
Ser11.0525b 11 DNS and Hosting ProvidersNikiRegister missing websitesHighOPEN
Ser11.0525a 11 DNS and Hosting ProvidersNikiCreate 2 new WPs for finance and philosophyDependency on Plugin06.0526HighOPEN
Ser04.053004 PerformanceNikiImprove performance of the site--LowOPEN
Ser04.053004 PerformanceNikiDNS problem--LowOPEN
Ser0303 Common server issuesNikiFinish the DocFIXED
Seo9.19.1. SEO snbchfRadExcel with snbchf meta desc, featured, import into doc siteMedACHIEVED
Seo03---GeorgeAnalyse Name matches like in this site--medOPEN
Seo01SEOGeorgeFill snbchf chapter under all the seo pagesMedOPEN
Plug8080 Replace Regular ExpressionsRadMedACHIEVED
Plug2009/3020 MailpoetRadFix issue when page return into newsletterMedOPEN
Plug4110/31Google Image Search>RadCreate Plugin for Google image search MedOPEN
Plug0505a Follow AuthorNikiFinish DocLowACHIEVED
Plug03c03c WP Touch Mobile Plugin / ThemeRadFinish DocLowACHIEVED
Orga0808 Tasks, Task Steps, AreasGeorgeUpdate the title of the page with the task number ACHIEVED
Orga0707 Doc Page RequirementsGeorgeDoc Site task list and style improvementACHIEVED
Feed1414 Cron Jobs for Blog ContentNikiFinish docMedACHIEVED
Feed0909 Full List of Subdomains, Links and authors RadCreate authorsMedACHIEVED
Feed07a07a Subdomains Blogs Links Feeds Link CategoriesNikiImport 15 best Austrian economists, their RSS Feed and descriptionFeeds, images, description importedHighACHIEVED
Feed0606 FeedWordPressGeorgeFinish DocMedACHIEVED
Feed0505 RSS Test feed – FEEDZYGeorgeFinish DocLowACHIEVED
Feed0404 Feedly ContentNikiInvestigate how we can publish the feedly feedMedACHIEVED
Feed0303 Twitter API (Alternative Economics)NikiFinish DocMedACHIEVED
Feed0209/3002 Feed Display ComparisonNikiFinish Comparison Table with FeedWordPressMedOPEN
Feed0101 Feed Site DesignNikiDocument Steps for setting up feed siteHighACHIEVED
Des24a24a Comment systems ComparisonNikiIntegrate comment System like FB, Livefyre--MedACHIEVED
Des03a03a Move custom code into pluginsNikiFinish DocMedACHIEVED
CPT1414 Swissnationalbank.orgGeorgeDescribe domain structure. MedACHIEVED
CPT1414 Our Domains, Subdomains and WebSitesGeorgegive swissnationalbank.org new IP at hostgatorCNAME to snbchf.comMedACHIEVED
CPT1414 Our Domains, Subdomains and WebSitesGeorgeCreate domain overview table MedACHIEVED
CPT0303 Multi-Web Site SupportGeorgeFinish DocMedACHIEVED
Con9191 MarcMeyer's posts on insideParadeplatzRadImport MarcMeyer's posts as snbchf pages and google translate them from German15 out of 24 importedMedACHIEVED
Con8181 Archive ContentGeorgeRename WordPress "Archive" into yearsLowACHIEVED
Con24 24 PearlTreesGeorgeFinish DocDoc is readyMedACHIEVED
Con2020 Advanced ContentGeorgeFinish DocLowACHIEVED
Con0606 Clean spam commentsRadClean the comments into snbchfComments cleanedMedACHIEVED
Con0404 Fix HTML Broken PageGeorgeFinish DocLowACHIEVED
Con0209/3002 Fix Broken LinksNikiAnalyze what causes broken links to persistFill comment on WP supportFinish docOPEN
Con0101 Regular Content TasksRadSub-cats in menu and page orderTask: Not finished
Doc: OK
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