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Author Archives

The author archives permit to choose if the author’s bio and the author’s avatar are shown on the archives.

Follow author inside Archives and Widgets

Pro Functionality No 5:

Till now we have only spoken of a picture in the top left corner of a category container (page building block, widget or archive).

Now we will examine also the posts and pages inside the category containers. Again we must speak about three different types:

  1. The posts/pages inside the page building block (type1)
  2. The posts/pages inside the widget (type2)
  3. The posts/pages inside the category archive (type3)

Since the page building blocks are only available with the Pictured Category Container, we add this functionality 1) into this plugin.


Type 3. Proposal for Posts inside Category Container Type “Archive”

Nikolay proposed the following for each post in the archive.
For each post/page we show

  • a featured picture
  • an excerpt
  • the author pic and
  • the social networks.Hence a full “Follow Author Light” functionality inside the archive.

My comment on this was that the blog admin should be able to decide if we wants this functionality. Hence an option if to show or not.
Another issue here is that the author bio is missing.

Archive with Author Pic and Social Nets


One type of pictured category containers is the author archive.

Here we need to verify the site map created with the author archives.

The author archive is a functionality created with the Yoast WordPress SEO Plugin.


Via Yoast


Hi Joost,

I’ve just downloaded your SEO plugin, so thanks for that!

Question: In my Profile section I now have two boxes called

“Title To Use For Author Page” & “Meta Description To Use For Author Page”.


What do they refer to; how do I use them; what do I enter in to them; and where does/will that information show up?

Many thanks,

  • Hey Cass,In case you missed it, here is the post you want to read and get yourself up and going with Joost’s amazing SEO plugin:WordPress SEO Plugin – JoostRE: the Author Page details. This refers to the title and description on the author archive which WordPress automatically creates for you – click the Joost’s name above to see the link: http://yoast.com/author/admin/ and you can then see the title/meta he has input to the two fields you are asking about)Welcome to the crowd of people who enjoy this plugin Cass!
Author pages on WordPress SEO by Yoast Meta Author not Taken
Author archives on WordPress SEO by Yoast Author Template Yoast

Requirement C: Authors want to claim their work: Archive URL Aid

Authors want to be able to prove that they have written some blog entries. In addition to the button above, we build a plugin that links to old versions of the blog entry on the internet archive.

arhive url


Wrong blogs shown after bio

After Chandler’s Bio, other blogs are shown

This is the sidebar of the template and on ipad it goes under the main column.

We disabled sidebar on these pages on Tablets & Phones.

Wrong blogs shown after bio
A42 Author Pages Wrong BIO

- Click to enlarge

Author Archive Private and Draft Articles

(no trello link)

Summary: Missing

Author Archives Categories SubCategories

(no trello link)

Summary: Missing


George Morgan
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However this did not work on our doc site, when I entered the meta description for Matt Mullenweg.


The default is not overridden.

Author Archives Creation

With one simple function attached to the custom_post_author_archive hook, we can easily show both pages and authors on author archive page.



function custom_post_author_archive( &$query )
if ( $query->is_author )
$query->set( ‘post_type’, array(‘page’, ‘post’) );
remove_action( ‘pre_get_posts’, ‘page’ ); // run once!
add_action( ‘pre_get_posts’, ‘custom_post_author_archive’ );


See More Button for Author

Create See More from Button for the author


Author Archives Pagination

We had too many posts for this author and the page does not loaded until the end.

We introduce the pagination on all of the user pages. And it is distributed on all blogs.

We can introduce a pagination and show 20 posts per page

Archives limit to 50-100 per page

-> limited to default pagination value for the whole website (setted in to Settings)




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