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  • Startup Folder
  • PortableApps
  • TuneUp Utilities
  • Glary Utilities Portable
  • MSConfig
  • Built-in Autostart

Trello Regular Task Autostart

Autostart method is one column in

Autostart methods

Solution 1: Startup Folder

  • Locate to C:\Program Data\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs
  • If there is “Startup” Folder, add Shortcuts of Software which you want to autostart —> DOES NOT WORK
  • If there is no “Startup” Folder, you can create folder and add Software which you want to autostart
  • Startup Folder is folder which contains Software which we want to startup with Windows automatically

This was used only in older Windows versions. It is not used any more.


Startup Folder
Startup Folder

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Solution 2: PortableApps

  • For PortableApps Autostart there is a program called Autoruns for Windows
  • The program can be used to autostart all PortableApps. We need to find and install it
  • How to add PortableApps to autostart:
  • 1) Open the program, navigate to the needed program, which want to be autostarted
  • 2) Click on checkbox and save
  • Then restart the computer and test if it really works. If not, debug why
  • If it does not work and you did all right, ask George or Niki for help

Portableapps Autostart
Portableapps Autostart

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Some portable programs must be started automatically.

  • Fab Firewall
  • Greenshot
  • Radmin VPN
  • Skype
  • Telegram
  • myTorrent


Portable Autostart Put into Startup Folder
Portable Autostart Put into Startup Folder

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Solution 3a: TuneUp Utilities

  • —> What do u do when it is not installed? –> Use Solution 4, MSConfig
  • With TuneUP Utilities you can control all software which is normally installed on the computer.
  • There is a list with all software. If new non-portable software is installed, it will automatically appear.
  • On this GUI you also see what software is running right now.
  • You need to find the needed software, which must be autostart and navigate to it.
  • Turning on and off software is just a clicking on the checkbox and save the page.
  • After doing this, you must restart computer and test if it is OK
  • The test must be executed by different team member

TuneUp Autostart
TuneUp Autostart

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Solution 3b: Glary Utilities


Glary Utilities Startup
Glary Utilities Startup

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Solution 4: MSConfig

This is the manual solution in Windows without a tool like Glary Utilities or TuneUp Utlities.


Related: How to Disable Startup Programs in Windows

Step1: Open run.exe and run “msconfig” as administrator.

Step2: The System Configuration window should now appear. Click on the Startup tab. The Startup tab will include a list with Startup Item, Manufacturer and Command.

Step3: Enable / Disable Programs
This is a list of every program that starts when Windows is loaded. To disable the autostart , simply un-check the box next to it. To enable autostart, click the box.

Step4: Restart: Restart so that Windows saves the settings.


Click the Startup tab
Click the Startup tab

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Solution 5: Built-in Auto-start

  • Most of the software, which is needed to auto-start has build-in functionality
  • You must open the Settings page of the software and look around for this option
  • Usually is in General or Advanced sub-menu of the Properties/Settings GUI
  • This is the most effective way for auto-start
  • After enable an auto-start, restart computer and test.

Example: Built-in Autostart
Example: Built-in Autostart

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Autostart for Installation Software

For installation software we use Glary Utilities.

[Important] Only installation software here, but not Portable SW [/important]

Feedback Autostart

Trello task

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Autostart Feedback

Trello task

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