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Subscription widget and images

After that we make from scratch new widget, using shortcodes. This widget can be used in page too.

The shortcode is: [ custom_subscribe ].

We used our core wp user table and store all the information there. Our widget is independent from mailpoet and we can easily change from one newsletter plugin to other. We also can easily transfrom our subscribers into users.

FireShot Screen Capture #002 - 'Tasks' - swissnationalbank_org_track-work_tasks

Subscription and Spam Subscribers

One can add spam email addresses to our subscribers.

We do neither have

  • Neither confirmation mails
  • Nor Captcha on the subscription page.

reCaptcha  on Subscription Page

We introduce a reCaptcha on the subscription page, the same as we used in Contact Form 7, to stop spam subscribers.


Confirmation Email

Sign-up Confirmation

By law, GDPR, etc. we need a confirmation email for any new subscribers.

And theoretically, also for existing subscribers.

Sign-up Confirmation
Sign-up Confirmation

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Subscription Email Confirmation

When you subscribe this email comes on your email which you have entered. When click on the link, then the subscription is activated.

Email Confirmation
Email Confirmation

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