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My SQL not showing filtered Posts

Mysql version was not showing posts when you filter by date, category and other different criteria

It does not want to filter from Syndic. Tools and if you use PhpMyAdmin or other program for browsing db


Firstly, we did a backup. We found that the problem is not in the db, but it is somewhere in MySQL which does not filter posts correctly. We test on test environment and db was not broken yet.

We install a parallel Mysql with the same version 4.6.6deb5. We did a restoration of the DB to the second MySQL server but the same problem happened again.

Then we did update of PHP, MySQL and all without effect.

There was a bug in our system in this configuration. And the only software which was not updated yet was the OS of the server.

Kernel update

We had to update the kernel of our debian server. It is a bit risky, because if you restart, your server can never start.

We use a solution, which we use in the past. It is called KernelUpdate by CloudLinux.com – https://www.cloudlinux.com/all-products/product-overview/kernelcare

It updates the kernel and the OS without restart or anything without any issues.

This will also protect us from any security issues in the future.

We install the software, the server get updated, we restart mysql and php services and the bug disappear.

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