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SP85 Spinning in Syndic Tools

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Step by step guide

The new function is called “Spin post” and it is under Promote Author Tools -> Syndication Tools plugin.

You need to choose the function under Posts group – Spin post and then choose the posts you want to spin.


Then you need to specify the category or the author and date range.

In this example we use author “Bruegel” and date range betwen April 2018 and no end date.

After choosing range, you need to click button “Preview” and wait the articles to be spinned.


In the preview screen, you can see the Title and the date of the posts.

Then you have the Original post content and Spinned post content. You can see the difference and decide to spin or not to spin.


Using the standard buttons “Execute selected” or “Execute for all” you can choose which of the posts to be executed.


What is the use of it? Only Prototype? Why use syndication tools?

The functions which are used in Syndication tools are absolutely the same as the functions which are used in FeedWordpress.
Syndication Tools is a very nice GUI which can easily allow to test and see the spinning software. It also can be helpful with choosing which posts only to be spinned.


Original text (input):

The Bruegel annual report provides a broad overview of the organisation’s work in the previous year.

The annual report includes an overview of Bruegel’s research, governance and financial statements, and takes stock of Bruegel’s accomplishments and impact during 2017.

The year was a good one for the European economy; the EU created around 3.7 million jobs and growth numbers were revised upwards. Yet these positive indicators should not give rise to complacency. Inaction risks leaving a number of key challenges to the side – with possibly significant negative long-term side effects. Complacency now will narrow choices tomorrow.

Bruegel will continue to engage with these policy challenges, bringing evidence-based analysis that informs and explains with the aim of promoting outcomes that are sustainable and equitable.

Spinned text (output):

The Bruegel yearly report gives a wide review of the connection’s work in the past year.

The yearly report joins a review of Bruegel’s examination, association and spending once-overs, and studies Bruegel’s achievements and effect amidst 2017.

The year was a superior than normal one for the European economy; the EU made around 3.7 million jobs and enhancement numbers were balanced upwards. Yet these positive markers ought not offer move to nonattendance of concern. Inaction dangers leaving diverse key inconveniences to the side – with perhaps vital negative entire arrangement indications. Nonattendance of worry starting at now will narrow choices tomorrow.

Bruegel will keep drawing in with these philosophy inconveniences, bringing check based examination that educates and clears up with the point in regards to impelling results that are rational and equitable.

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