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O01a Business plan May2015

Page no: O01a


(preliminary version as of Early May 2015)


See also the business plan support pages and the list of our domains.

Our vision

We want to create a website where authors can publish their content and become famous. Currently these authors are not very recognized in economics, they are alternative economics. Currently economics is driven by professors but economics is changing. These professors use very mathematical methods, so-called “econometric”, this is not good, because it lacks the ideas from real life and from real people. Hence the professors are detached from the real world.

One example: The professors think it is good when there is inflation, meaning when prices rise, alternative authors think it is not good, they want stable prices or even better falling prices and rising “productivity”. Hence our authors write good stuff and they do all for free, no money. Any of our authors is a stake holder, stake holders are also organisations that pay to us like European Union, like Swiss department of external affairs, like companies here in the region of Pfäffikon that might do marketing on our site.

This is our site economicblogs

Marketing is done with the plugin “Admanager”. I have already talked to a couple of companies that might be interested. Author stake holders may also pay for marketing like the gold standard institute United States. Hence this author will even pay to be on our site. Given that we have a very good Google ranking, there are sometimes people that want to publish articles on our site so they obtain quality backlinks. They pay money for each article that they publish.



The IT part of our project consists of:

[Reorder please]

  1. Improve existing SEO based on the Yoast pages you imported
  2. Find out which are high-quality backlinks so that business does comments on the right sites
    2a) for task 2 we need to find out our keywords for each page. This a business task
  3. Introduce a new subscription service with nice layout —> Mailpoet, this task is done
  4. We improve the register and login process so that users can give their preferences like language
  5. Business Task) We will write introductions in multiple languages, but the article will remain in English.
  6. We will allow login with social media like Facebook and Twitter
  7. Try to replicate comments from Facebook on our articles and from tweets on our articles
  8. Improve visibility of our authors —> This task is done you see here the different sites where I publish, similarly for other authors


Our main Focus Areas for the IT stream now:

1) Make Swissmacro.ch run
2) Integrate FB comments
3) Change Homepage to Survey and story
4) Improve SEO (this is already good) – From the Content stream there are different tasks
5) Mobile sites – Our final objective is to promote authors and alternative economics
So from the Content side, I would like to attract more author.


But we have also a different website that contains a feed from Twitter or feedly or RSS from different blogs

1) Mailpoet – Done. Full documentation here.


2) Improve author visibility – Done, full documentation here.


3) Make Swissmacro.ch run – Full documentation here.

What is the idea behind the feed site?

People like news, they are crazy about news snbchf has rather fixed content, that is independent of news.

I explains concepts based on keywords, let’s say “balance of payments model”. We got 308 pages and for each one we have one to 3 keywords, snbchf wants to get traffic via google search for these 308+ keywords. We aim to be in the top 10 Google for these keywords.
Therefore we use only pages on snbchf.com, this is time-independent content, see also the chapter on Yoast.

The feed website is based on news, it only contains posts but it back-links snbchf.com with a different c-net. Many people will read the news feeds because they are crazy about news, they will click on snbchf.com links and this will give better rating for snbchf and more visibility for our authors.

Task4) Improve community

4a) Improve login/register – Full documentation here.



Task 5) Change Homepage to Survey – Full documentation here.

picture from a survey site, e.g. google survey and link to new page

Task 6) Mobile Site – Full documentation here.

This is important in particular for swissmacro.ch, but also snbchf.com only lower importance


Task 7: Improve SEO – Full documentation here.

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