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Non Stop Words: Key-Phrases

This page is ONLY about the type of non-stop word lists called key-phrases.


Key Phrases

Key Phrases are compound words that in this form/order should never be considered as stop word. Key Phrases are typically not WordPress tags.

Hence they are important for a URL, but not important enough to be a tag.


second amendment

warning signal


Key Phrase lists

Are lists of key phrases; hence all items of the list are key phrases.

Key Phrases on DB

Table / Attribute where key phrases are stored.

 [DB Screenshot]


Usually entered manually. They are often copied from a master list with a sync.




Edit key phrases 

Same function as “Edit List“.

Order Key phrase list.

same as for lists






Sync Key phrase lists

Do we need to sync key phrases?

Same function as “Sync List” between master and slave. Just that a list of type KeyPhrase is used.

Bidirectional sync: Hence missing words are added, this applies to both master and slave




Master list for Key phrases – here



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