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F24 Cron Improvements

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Overview Log into DB

Crons only call PHP procedures that have access to DB.
No direct to DB for the Cron issues


Write into single table on syndication, instead into file system

Give access to DB

Split Crons by Object

We introduce Cron jobs by type of object

Object specific data loads

  1. Inside the PHP a procedure for fetching the feeds (both posts & videos)
  2. Inside the PHP a procedure for fetching the images, set them into Media, set tags, categories and all meta data
  3. Inside the PHP a procedure for loading comments



Splitting images from the post text

They come in different processes/jobs

Cron1: Load Post with original link

Cron2: Image (incl. Link replacement)

For each image link that u find in the text

Download image into WP Media,

Obtain URL for newly uploaded image from WP –> new internal link

Link to original post replace by new internal link


Not Loaded Images

1. Image not loaded, but used inside post

This implies we have only post with original links
New links are not replaced

2. Image loaded, but not used in Post

We cannot obtained unattached images, because we obtain information about image name only when we load the post 

Requirements Broken Links

Tool that checks broken links for

a) a certain period like October 2020.

b) choose between internal and external links. We focus on internal links

—- two options

1) Build it inside Syndication Tools

2) Find a plugin that does do this

Examples Plugins: https://www.formget.com/broken-link-checker-wordpress-plugins/

Problem: Existing broken link checker cannot filter by date

—- second use case: Issues with our syndication tools, like replace external link by internal links

Status: Not Implemented, or?

Testing Broken Images (as Broken Links)

follow the links alphabetically to http://snbchf….

see if we if have broken images

usually we images with % ampercent

we should have broken images with links to wpupload except %

—– How far has plugin progressed

How many posts it has done,

to which date?


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