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PRIV D75 Local Install Backup

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Local Install on George-FB



We would like to have a backup site running on George-FB. It shall contain

  • a regular backup of our doc site.

Localhost backup site
localhost backup site

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Change Admin users to Subscribers for backup sites

  • View all admin under site
  • Change all users to subscribers, except Niki, Rad
  • Second measure: Remove from Whitelist

Change Admin users

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Apache is installed and configuration using a software called XAMPP.

XAMPP is the most popular PHP development environment

XAMPP is a completely free, easy to install Apache distribution containing MariaDB, PHP, and Perl. The XAMPP open source package has been set up to be incredibly easy to install and to use.

Apache Crashed Port 80 Used
D75 D76 Apache Crashed Port 80 Used

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Apache Configuration

Apache Configuration
D75 Apache Configuration

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Xampp setup

XAMPP setup


Run Apache

Backup Run Apache My SQL

Backup Run Apache My SQL
D75 Backup Run Apache My SQL


Apache issues

We had several issues with running apache. We had to change the port of running apache.

Apache issues


Apache Httpd conf

Apache Httpd conf
D75 Apache Httpd conf

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Mysql is a part of the XAMPP Software.

MySQL server


Overview: Step by step guide

1. Do an export with backup buddy

2. Using importbuddy, import the file

3.  We had an error, so delete the data base and try manually

4. Using WP DB Export, make a new copy of the database

5. Clean up the database from Importbuddy not finished work

6. Import the DB using command interface

7. Final setups and filling up urls into the database and htaccess file

Backup option
D75 Backup option

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Missing HTAccess

Backup Buddy Export

We created a backup buddy export using the software. We had several issues like pCloud uploading and freezing the download file.

Before that we thought that the problem is in Avast scanning.

Complete Backup


Restore Backup with Backup Buddy

We started the restoring process, following these steps:

  1. Run Export backup buddy on source blog
  2. Manually unrar on destination
  3. Run importbuddy.php
  4. Fill up the mysql details

Then the page freeze and we had to start over.

(Optional) Cleanup DB

We wanted a clean db to use, so we just remove all of the information from the database using phpmyadmin.

Optional Cleanup DB


Migrate DB Plugin Import

  • Exports Database in files in SQL format.
  • Adjust Links

We used migrate DB Plugin to import to export the data base and start a manual import.


Link to Plugin

Migrate DB Pro Prices
D75 Migrate DB Pro Prices

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Import database with command

Then we had to import the database using command interface, because no other method works. We tried backup buddy and manual before that, but without success.

Setting the Links

We had to change the urls into the database fields into wp_settings. And copy the new htaccess file.




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