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F98 Youtube Display and CSS

Page no: F98


Featured image

FeedWP: image must be inside the post

Problem is fixed.


Tinytable bug

We need youtube videos as tinytable into Frontend and Backend.

  • Split into two rows: Content and Publicity
  • Text alignment not OK
  • Compare Youtube text against our text


The issue is fixed.




German chars Bug

Youtube Description into FeedName –> German Characters


The bug is fixed.

Tinytable CSS Problem

Width too small https://snbchf.com/?post_type=video&p=464098&preview=true

Fixed. It was a very long word without space, which breaks the table.


Tinytable CSS Problem

Videos should be on top, not middle – example.

It is fixed using CSS

Columns in video overview page

cannot order properly by posts

Interference of different plugin

Additional fields e.g. Channel/Publisher, Featured Image,




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