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Google Custom Search



Old Plugin: Google Custom Search

We used plugin for showing google search. The plugin is called Google Custom Search. All the functionality is made by the plugin.



WordPress plugin directory: Google Custom Search

Author’s plugin page: Google Custom Search page

Google custom search
Google custom search

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We only have to add <?php display_search_box(DISPLAY_RESULTS_AS_POP_UP); ?> where we want to. And make css correction so it will fit in our design. See the code below:

Header google search code
Header google search code

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Old API, old Plugin

Plugin makes Old API Call,

Trello link

We used a plugin which is not updated more than 2 years


Google Search
P51 Google Search

. Source: Google Search - Click to enlarge



A new version of the API and get rid of the plugin was the solution. We needed sometime for improving the style of the new API code.

What did you improve?


New Plugin

New plugin must be presented with author snippet.
WordPress plugin directory:??

Author’s plugin page: Google Custom Search page


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