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A11 Find Author

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A11 Find Author


This page contains all about finding an author and making sure that it is the right person.

It does not contain all stuff about setting the author up –> A12


Find Author on Blog

It seems to be an easy question, but apparently it is not so.

Open Link to Original Blog (e.g. Zerohedge), then open again the original blog.

Way 1: Look at RSS Feed and identify the author tag.

Way 2: Browse manually for the authors

First one must double-check that the blog is still active, that it has recent posts. Most links are already verified for that, we should still double-check based on the date (see picture below).

Copy Bio from Original Blog from the About me page.



Step1: click on the blog link here Adam Smith Institute.

Blog Adam Smith


Step2: Click on each post

You will find the names

Post written by


Find Author in Google

Author uses pseudonym.




(September 26)

Find Author in LinkedIn


  1. Log into LinkedIn with George Morgan Dorgan’s login
  2. Do a Searchuse official name as in LinkedIn
    (example Nikolaos instead Niko
  3. Do not use the popup,
  4. But let open a new page
  5. Do not use company as part of the person name
  6. If we has no blog then use company name inside my site
  7. Use the company name inside his email
  8. Find his image with his official name
(September 26, 2017)


Video Name: How to find Author 2


How To Find Author 2

(Sep 26, 2016)

Author job in Linked in

On the purple boxes are shown the job of the author.



Wrong Bio for Vicent Held

- Click to enlarge

Video Name: Find Author Job in LinkedIn

Find author in Facebook

Search in Facebook for author.

Find author in facebook
Find author in facebook


Find Author on Twitter

Twitter Missing Role Profile

Twitter Missing Role Profile
Twitter Missing Role Profile

- Click to enlarge





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