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S67 ONYX Plan

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Feed Table



Feed Table with Links Type Order
(filled by Customer)
Keywords_Used in Feed Setup Link to ONYX Site
Origin Link Feed
— Keyword: ONYX
Post Onyx Indomarmer Yes
Post NONE Mexican Style Mexican Style Yes
Post Onyx Onyx Lampen Onyx Lampen Yes
US – onyx-lamps.com Post NONE NO RSS
Europe – onyxart.shop Post NO RSS
Germany – onyxlampen.de Post NO RSS
— Interior Design Blogs
Post NONE Villen Villen Yes
Post NONE DailyDesignerNews DailyDesignerNews Yes
Post NONE Inattendu Innattendu Yes
https://www.upscale.ch/ Post No
Post NONE Moomii Moomii Yes
— Keyword: OnyxArt
Post OnyxArt European
https://laptrinhx.com/top-interior-design-rss-feeds-302902572/ Post
Post OnyxArt Cocolapinedesign Yes
https://www.bestinteriordesigners.eu/20-best-interior-designers-from-berlin/ Post
Post OnyxArt Ad-magazine Yes
— Keyword: Swiss Furniture Houses
https://www.micasa.ch/ Post NO RSS
https://www.engelvoelkers.com/en/blog/ Post NO RSS
https://www.diga.ch/ Post NO RSS
https://www.pfister.ch/ Post NO RSS
Post Swiss Furniture Houses Mobel Marki Yes
https://www.ambiente.ch/ Post NO RSS
https://www.schubiger.ch/ Post NO RSS
— Keyword: ONYX Manufacturing
https://kr-onyx.com/videography/manufacturing-process Video No, why? ->  only one video, which is the same as the feed bellow
Video Onyx Manufacturing Onyx Manufacturing Onyx Manufacturing Yes
— Keyword: Onyx Lamp
Video Onyx Lamp Onyx Lamp Onyx Lamp Yes
— Channel: Onyx Art
  Video OnyxArt OnyxArt Channel Yes
  Video Onyx Marble Onyx Marble Onyx Marble



Project Plan



Step Step Name Aim Details Attached files
1 Primary Keyword Definition Obtain the keywords that are relevant for sales — Direct / Core Keywords

Onyx Lamp


ONYX marble


— Competitor Keywords

“Floor Lamps”

“Table Lamps”

“Stone lamps”



List of Blogs, Videos about ONYX


— Keyword: ONYX Manufacturing


—- keywords: Onyx Lamp




Only in Trello

2 Input Sites  


  In progress
3 Input Videos   DONE
3 internal SEO  

  • internal site analysis
  • speed analysis
  • Google Analytics
4 External SEO: Keyword focused Create keyword-focused content automatically DONE
5 Create keyword-based feeds into useful website
This implies posts of other authors!
6 Satellite Website Decide which website to use
Option 1: Use existing website(s) such as SNBCHF
Option 2: Create keyword-based for a newly registered website
-> Example goldlease.net
7 Automatic sales page insertion Enforce using backlinking tools of SNBCHF Solution:
8 Backlinking to Sales Pages, external websites
SNBCHF Team currently uses external tools
own tools are in development.
9 Automatic Youtube Commenting Post Youtube comments on existing videos that fit into keyword search.
10 Automatic sales page insertion Insert keywords into existing posts on external websites. Access required.






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