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Page no: P23


Object Attribute (optional)
Action (optional)
Text Replace Snippet Text Replace Snippet
  • Attribute: Snippets
Documentation Snippets Wrong Plugin Name
Text Snippets
  • Action: Search
  • Action: Replace
Next Page Snippet Next page Shortcode


Explanation Backend text
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Video and pics

Snippets Plugin Details

Documentation Snippets Wrong Plugin Name

Documentation Snippets Wrong Plugin Name
Documentation Snippets Wrong Plugin Name

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Search & Replace Text

We search and replace all variations of the words Problem and Solution.

Replacement List

This must done, checked


I expect 4 versions for each


 Original Text Replacement Done Comment
Problem: Done
Problem Done
problem Done Creates massive problems
Solution: Done
Solution Done  176 replacements is far too many
solution Done
solution: Done



176 replacements are far too many!
Search Regex

. Source: Search Regex - Click to enlarge

Wrong Replacement

We should not replace “problem” inside the normal text line.

But we replaced all problem in the normal text


Replace only when a new line starts or when there is “:”

Problem Solution Wrong Replacement
P23 Problem Solution Wrong Replacement

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Details of wrong replacement
  1. Text “Problem” inside Link
  2. Text “Problem” inside Name
  3. Text “Problem” inside Text line

Replacement with Snippet Issues
P23 Replacement with Snippet Issues

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Text “Problem” inside Image Name

We destroyed the image when we did the replacement.

Snippets Problem
P23 Snippets Problem

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May create one pair of problem/ solution for each of 4 cases.

Undo Replacement
P23 Undo Replacement

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Snippet About Page

Problem Solution Snippet About Page

Video Link to Trello

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Action Snippet

Action Snippet for Doc page
Action Snippet for Doc page

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Next Page Snippet

How to use:

  • Use a text like “For Older Headlines see next page” in H3
  • add a link to next page
  • Put this short code in texts editor: <!–nextpage–> , where the next page should start.

Next page Shortcode
Next page Shortcode

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Next Page

How to use next Page

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