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Plugins for Categories: Competition & Design Principles


Free Plugin “WPcustom category image”This plugin is able to add images to categories, but it does not do any has about 3000 installs. This is a quite popular documentation that shows how to use the plugin, we could put a link/comment on it or contact the author


Pictured Category Competition

There are a couple of plugins that allow to associate images with categories. The plugins mostly use the words “image” and not “logo” or “picture”.

Free Plugin “category images”

One plugin is called category images. It can set images for taxonomies like categories and tags.

However, to show the images, the PHP code has to be modified.

There is no direct integration in to wizards or archives. People are interested in the plugin, so there is a long discussion on the author’s explanation page.

The plugin has 50000+ installs

Envato offers the following features for $7, it is mostly concerned with thumbnails for posts (other plugin) and a category-specific override.

  1. Select different Featured Image for each category
  2. Generate thumbnails from external images
  3. Setting to skip auto thumbnail generation right on the Post edit page
  4. Generate featured images for old/legacy posts in any category via a single click
  5. Log providing detail of Success/Failure of Thumbnail generation
  6. Delete (De-link) featured images created by this plugin or all of them
  7. Plays well with Auto Post Thumbnail PRO plugin (price 9$) and allows to set precedence for Category Featured Image
  8. Fully translatable, default.po has been provided


We should put our plugin also to the codecanyon.

Design Principles

We have three alternatives to represent categories on the blog:

  1. Show them inside a page building block
  2. Show them inside a widget
  3. Show them inside the category archives.

1. “Type Page Building Block”:

In page building blocks we do not have space for an author bio. Instead we show in the top left the category pic and name (see more under functionality 1).

Apart from the excerpt, we will able to show for each post:

  • A thumbnail of the featured image for the post or
  • A thumbnail of the author image for the post. This is a new field for a post. The default is the user avatar of the author.
  • Or both

For the first post, only,  inside the container we would like to see:

  • A bigger featured image (bigger than thumbnail)
  • A bigger author image.

2.  “Type Category Widget”:

For each post/page we will able to show either

  • A thumbnail of the featured image for the post or
  • A thumbnail of the author image for the post. This is a new field for a post. The default the user avatar of the author.

There is no special treatment of the first post for widgets.


3. Type “Category Archive”

Nikolay proposed the following for each post in the archive.
For each post/page we show

  • a featured picture
  • an excerpt
  • the author pic and
  • the social networks.Hence a full “Follow Author Light” functionality inside the archive.

My comment on this was that the blog admin should be able to decide if we wants this functionality. Hence an option if to show or not.
Another issue here is that the author bio is missing.

Archive with Author Pic and Social Nets





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