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PRIV Ma55 New Filter Keywords/Senders

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New Keywords for existing filters

This task is done quite often, e.g. once a week.

Trello Regular Task New Senders, Keywords


How to
Video and Pics

Step1: Star on mail

George marks new keywords or new filters with star and he add the tag.

Usually they are new keywords. You find them in inbox or “no tags” saved search.


Step2: Open Latest Filters on Master Account

e.g. Harry filters on George-FB Now

Step3: Modify Existing filter

  • Team modifies the filter on the master
  • Verify if the keyword already exists, but has wrong spelling, wrong email address or if you forgot to execute the message filters on the inbox.
  • Adds the new sender to the filter (remember to do alphabetically).
Filters Modify New Sender

Step4: Execute Filter, Remove Star

Team executes the filters on the relevant account so that the mails with the new sender obtain a tag.

The Team removes the star from the mail.

Execute Filter and Remove Star
cm02o Execute Filter and Remove Star

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Step5: Copy filters to other computers

  • One  a week, the team copies the filters to the other accounts and computers
  • and may execute the message filters manually.
  • for example George-BG will get checked only now

Step6: Run message filters on No Tag Search Folder

  • Select all messages in No Tag Search Folder
    (or many messages, if it freezes).



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