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Chandler: Daily FX


For all about Daily FX see here.



Graph Posts from Chandler

0) Chandler excerpt from Seeking Alpha, Graph to all post

Any Chandler post needs a graph.

In the MORNING copy excerpt from Seekingalpha
He writes all articles also to seeking alpha for our existing articles

user: [email protected]
pass: 440531claudio

Put Graphs to all Chandler Posts


Seeking Alpha

  • copy excerpt from seeking alpha into
  • Introduction by
    George Morgan
    My articles
    Follow on:
  • The excerpts are short without verbs. Simeon should add some verbs.

1) Daily FX: Publish Pic from Video for yesterday’s post


Youtube Dukascopy – In the future, you can the graph from Dukascopy also into the post. Please update the trello task for FX Daily, too.


Snippet for comment about Swiss Franc and GBP

Posts About Inflation (part of DailyFX)

Inflation: Always use these graphs
United States, Core PCE Deflator

United Kingdom,  when he speaks of BoE Bank ofEngland

US Core PCE Index Archive
R14 US Core PCE Index Archive

US Core PCE Index Archive - Click to enlarge

UK CPI Archive
R14 UK CPI Archive

UK CPI Archive - Click to enlarge

Line Breaks

Line Breaks Chandler Create new Paragraph

Video Link to Trello

Trello Summary: Empty

(April 25)


Emerging Markets

There are posts with “Emerging Markets:” in the title, they are special. Have to set Win Thin as an author and change category to Global Macro, because those posts all are speaking about global macro.

Win Thin Emerging Markets

Win Thin writes posts twice a week, inside the Chandler feed.

See attachment Win Thin overview

We writes
– Emerging Markets Weekly Preview and
– Emerging Markets What has Changed?

How to write Attachment: See “Win Thin with Summary and Stock Markets”.

  • Set Win Thin as author
  • Remove text “From my colleague Win Thin”
  • change URL from chandler to “win-thin”
  • Category “Emerging Markets”
  • Add summary, on right side of images (without dots in beginning, see attachment)
  • Create Chapters for countries
  • Add Stock Markets section, when he speaks of it.
  • Add person win-thin was tag



Win Thin with Summary and Stock Markets

- Click to enlarge

Create tiny table for all Emerging Markets and Put the Graphs

– Add 2 graphs in the right column of tinytable from here

Graph 1: Remove all other countries between China and Poland (they must not exist into tinytable)!!

Also can remove the text Markets from the graph (at the bottom of the graph)

Media Title and Alt text: Stock Markets Emerging Markets October 12


Emerging Stock Markets

- Click to enlarge

Emerging Market Graph2: Poll of Forecasters


– Graph 2: Search in Google – ” The Economist poll of forecasters, Month 2016 “2017

Media title and alt text: GDP, Consumer Inflation and Current Accounts

Аlways add the sources for all graphs


Correct Graphs Archive

Correct Graphs in Emerging Markets Archive

Video Link to Trello

Weekly Preview

3 Bulls for US and China, 2 bulls for Eurozone and Germany

Chandler writes a weekly preview on Sunday evening.

We must edit Monday morning when the post comes to us.

  • add chapters for each different countries like Eurozone, United States, Japan, China into Chandler post
  • George changes URL (new URL “weekly preview”) and sends the post to Rad
  • 3) Rad goes to, and click on “sign in”
  • 4) Email: [email protected] Pass: nikolay
  • 5) Click on “This week”, then on “filter”, on “clear” , on “high importance” (3 bulls) See screenshot (FX Weekly Filter Country)
  • 6) choose the country and clicks on apply.
  • 7) make screenshot the economic events for the country of each chapter. See (FX Weekly China) including the Time, Cur. , Imp….
  • 8) Change the country do the screen for the next country (FX Weekly Eurozone)
  • 9) Do this for all chapters
  • 10) Create one single tiny table in the post, width is now 1000
  • 11) The chapter headings are in the left text column of the tiny table… Can increase Table Cell Width to 450, if needed
  • 12) The graphs in the right, best width 530, Right Column 550
  • 13) Change URL like 31-weekly-preview-chandler → always use this kind of URL → Task: Use this type of URL 31-weekly-preview-chandler
Only 3 Bull

- Click to enlarge

This Week

- Click to enlarge

FX Weekly Filter Country

- Click to enlarge

Switzerland weekly preview (monday).

New → Switzerland:

Select Switzerland from events.

Do not copy into screenshot

– Index (monday) and
– CFTC position (Friday)

No restriction on bulls (1, 2, or 3)

Switzerland Week

- Click to enlarge

Saturday: Check if Chandler Weekly Review post is ready

Shortly before u go home on Saturday,
Check on, if the weekly review post is ready
Chandler typically publishes it on Saturday New York time (8 -10 am) which is 15- 17 BG time.

If not ready, tell George that he does the work

See also: Weekly Review: Fill the text from imported post or from


Swiss Franc Forecast

Swiss Franc Forecast

Video Link to Trello

Trello Summary: Empty

Swiss Forecast post into FX Daily

Swiss Franc Forecast category loads posts which are talking about GBP/CHF. We like those posts, that’s why we are copying it into our FX Daily. Have to look at the date and decide should we copy it or it is already copied (old).

When copy the post into FX Daily, have to note that it is already copied into field “Action”.

Swiss Forecast post into FX Daily
Swiss Forecast post into FX Daily

- Click to enlarge


GBP/CHF into Screen

GBP/CHF into Screen
GBP/CHF into Screen

- Click to enlarge

GBP/CHF Example

GBP/CHF Example
GBP/CHF Example

- Click to enlarge


See more for R1x: Feeds into SNBCHF
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