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PRIV P94 Story popup

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Business Requirement

For any webpage it is important to present the story.  One way to present the story is a popup that the user sees when he opens the page the first time.

The popup and its text are currently not live yet. One reason is that the text is somewhat aggressive against Swiss banks. Therefore an option would be to show the popup only in the United States or not in Switzerland.

The final decision depends also on the redesign of popup V2.


This is based on the concept page for the story here.

Using our Popup v2 plugin, I created a “George Dorgan Story” popup which is shown on every first impression (view) and it is fully connected to article on snbchf.com:

All content is editable from the article. The article has to be published, not draft, private or anything else. Otherwise the popup will not be shown to the users.
His private css class is popup_st, you can change his size depending to the content. His cookie name is popup_number_st

FireShot Screen Capture #064 - 'SNB CHF Blog The Swiss National Bank and Swiss Franc Blog -SNBCHF_COM' - test2_snbchf_com


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