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Embed Video Core WordPress  


WordPress Vimeo videos
Video Embed & Thumbnail Generator
Easy Video Player
WP Video Posts
Better WP Embed
Arve Migration Plugin


Video and Pics

Embed Video Competition

Embed Vimeo Video on Doc Site

Trello link


  •    no bugs, like ARVE’s duplicated videos
  •    Shows video title from Vimeo
  •    HTML5
  •    Regular support and upgrades

Prio 2:

  • See video from the backend

Arve Shows Title from Vimeo not WordPress
M27 Arve Shows Title from Vimeo not WordPress

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Nice to have:

  • Show the title that I enter to the media library or inside the post
    and not the Vimeo title.
  • Title editable so that it is shown in Frontend. This title replace video title

Video Title Description Editable in Wordpress
M27 Video Title Description Editable in Wordpress

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Prio 4) Change width and height of video, similarly as I can do with WordPress images.

Proposal based on competition

We have only two solutions:

  1. Continue ARVE
  2. Improve ARVE Migration.

Improving the plugin based on competition is good alternative. We can achieve all of the requirements based on the table.

 Number  Plugin name  No bugs Show video title HTML5 Support See video in back-end Show title from media library Editable title Change width & height
 1  Core WordPress  Yes Yes Yes Yes No, but can be improved No, but can be improved No
 2  WordPress Vimeo videos  Yes Yes Yes No No No No
 3  Video Embed & Thumbnail Generator  Yes No Yes Yes No No Yes
 4  Easy Video Player  Yes No Yes No No No No
5 WP Video Posts No No Yes  outdated No No No No
 6  Better WP Embed  No, killer criterium
7 ARVE No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
8 Arve Migration Plugin Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes No

1. Core WordPress


We use a frame like

Major issue: Video get too big inside the tiny table.

Improve Core WordPress: 

It is difficult to change parts of Core WordPress, but we can add a plugin with a Javascript.

2. WordPress Vimeo videos


Req3: See link

3. Video Embed & Thumbnail Generator


Plugin to make embedding videos
M27 Plugin to make embedding videos


Easy Video Player


WP Video Posts



7) Better Embed Plus

Better Embed Plus use flash, which is not good. It is not working on all computers / mobile devices without flash.

The team will use normal iframe code from youtube.

If they add &start= in the url, they can specify the start time. If they also want to end the video at a specific time, add &end= and the time.

Important: The parameters works in seconds, so the formula is:

2:38 = 2*60+38 = 158 seconds

Specific Start&End Time

Vimeo Embed

Starting playback at a specific timecode

To share a video link that will begin playback at a specific point, all you need to do is add a bit of code to the end of the URL. Just add: #t= followed by the timecode of where you’d like playback to begin.

Here is an example where playback begins one minute and two seconds into the video: https://vimeo.com/81400335#t=1m2s

You can also use this parameter for embedded videos. To do this, simply add #t=(timestamp here) to the end of the player URL in your embed code. For example:

Playback at a Specific Point
Playback at a Specific Point

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If you’re embedding a video and would like it to automatically start playing, you can add the ?autoplay=1 parameter before #t= as shown in this example:

Note: Unmuted autoplay is not supported in Chrome or Safari (desktop/mobile). If autoplay is blocked a browser or device, the viewer will be required to select play in order to begin playback at the specified timecode. Learn more here.

Automatically Start Playing
Automatically Start Playing

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Video Link to Trello


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