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Disk&DVD Software compare and use




Comparison including Mac


Software Comparison



Program Description Price
MakeMKV Can turn a Bluray, HD-DVD or DVD into a set of remuxed MKVs straight from the disc. Free
as beta
AnyDVD HD If you need newer software to rip HD-DVD or Blu-Ray discs. 87€  
Bitripper Converts into AVI only, User: Free Version
Password: 2FU02u642Dd9T56J9Fb4
DVD43 Simple plugin Free  
DVD Decryptor      
DVD Fab BlueRay      
DVD Shrink Does not work for copy-protected    
MacxDVD Ripper Pro Ripper for Mac and Windows 39$  
Mac the Ripper Donation must be given via forum    
Passkey Smaller version from DVD Fab 28$  34$
Media encoding    
StaxRip My current favourite video encoding tool.    
RipBot264 A great video encoding tool.    
HandBrake One of the most popular video encoding tools.    
Media playback    
Media Player Classic Home Cinema A fantastic player all round.    
madVR Probably the best video renderer there is. Plugs into MPC-HC with ease. Included in J River Media Center as “Red October”.    
J River Media Center If you want to splash out, here’s a great media player for music and video in constant development.    
QT Lite When you want to play QuickTime, but don’t want to install QuickTime.    
Real Alt. Lite When you want to play RealMedia, but don’t want to install RealPlayer.    
Stream muxing/demuxing and information    
MKVToolnix A set of tools to create, alter and inspect Matroska (commonly .mkv) files.    
Other Matroska Tools A link to a Matroska page with a collection of useful tools.    
GSpot An old school tool (for .avi files) to identify the codec used and a DirectShow rendering path.    
Other useful links    
ImgBurn An image burning tool to follow up DVD Decrypter’s burning functionality.    
Doom9 The Definitive DVD Backup Resource.    




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