PRIV P26 Automatic Post Checks

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These checks help to identify issues on the published pages. Each checks contains three attributes:

  • Condition
  • Error Message or Warning
  • Error/Warning text

Checks when

  • Press Publish/Update Posts
  • Status will be come Public/Private
(May 17, 2017)

Configuration Table

Make checks configurable. In the same format as the following.

Build the software / SQL similar


Check Type Object Type
Matching Pattern Type Warning /Error Text Following Popup Options
Text Contains Posts/Pages/Books book, author
(check all forms Book, book, BOOK)
Warning The text contains the keyword “Book”, “author”.
You might need an author snippet. Please check.
Save Draft/Publish Anyway
Media Contains
(needs OCR)
Media Image contains a person Warning Save Draft/Publish Anyway
Text Contains Attachment Title contains “.png” or “img”.


Error The Attachment Title contains “.png”. Improve your SEO. Save Draft/Edit Media
Text is Empty User Bio Error Post could not be published. The biography of the author or a book inside the post is empty. Save Draft/Set Pending
No Avatar uploaded User Error Post could not be published. The avatar of the author or a book inside the post has not been uploaded. Set to Pending instead? Save Draft/Set Pending


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