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Cyber (2019)


CyNation is a digital risk management company that helps enterprises manage the risks inherent in third-party ecosystems.



Enigmedia provides native ICS cybersecurity: Best-in-class cyber OT solution fully compatible with legacy infrastructure.


Illusive Networks

Illusive Networks stops advanced attacks and insider threats by disrupting the attacker’s ability to collect information and make decisions.



Enabling (Re)insurers to transparently predict and price cyber risk.



Statice enables organizations to leverage sensitive data for analysis, through the generation of privacy preserving synthetic data.


XM Cyber

XM Cyber provides automated breach and attack simulation platform to expose attack vectors, from breach point to organizational critical asset.


EdTech (2019)


Taskbase offers AI-based, easy-to-integrate modules that enable existing learning solutions to adapt learning paths to each student’s specific needs.



advaisor AG is an ETH spin-off using artificial intelligence to measure and improve digital collaboration.



Area9’s mission is to help deliver the world’s best educational and training outcomes validated by a long-term scientific approach.


Cambridge Spark

Cambridge Spark’s mission is to empower professionals to succeed in the tech industry.


Easy Correct

Easy Correct believes that great feedback can change this world !!


Education Alliance Finland

Education Alliance Finland provides a turnkey solution for educational impact evaluation and validation for learning solutions.



MobieTrain revolutionizes workplace learning with our mobile-first, micro-learning platform. We empower employees to drive their own career development and retain knowledge through bite-sized training



RiseUp helps people make better career choices by giving access to inspiration, mentors & development options. Thereby solve two major issues: employee engagement & lack of authenticity at work.



Seppo makes learning fun and engaging by using gamification and authentic environments.



Stroofy builds software that helps individuals, teams and companies discover their optimal way of working and improves employee focus and engagement by utilizing data analytics and cognitive science.


FinTech (2019)


AllianceBlock is an All-in-one decentralized, community-driven platform that makes investment and financing efficient, simple and safe by leveraging Blockchain technology and A.I.



Annanow connects products with people – NOW!



Unlock the full potential of dormant, tangible assets with ASSETYZE.



Atpar enables a global and frictionless financial market infrastructure.


Contract Vault

Contract Vault have developed an AI and Blockchain-powered end-to-end document, contract and workflow creation, management and automation platform that enables new categories of agreements.


Five Degrees Solution

Five°degrees Solution offers a end-to-end digital core banking platform that makes your bank and financial service future-proof.


Helios Data

Helios Data deploys AI and advanced network technologies for enterprises to address and profit from the global wave of data privacy and protection mandates.


[email protected]

An insurance product encourages people to get involved in climate protection.



Taxdone helps people do their taxes in 5 minutes, with smart questions and the right deductions – starting with Zurich.



tigerlab is an exciting insurance software company, who offers an agile, flexible and customised product build in 2-4 weeks, deploying any line of insurance, anywhere in the world.



tooyoo.ch allows to manage the transmission of your data and assets and it helps to create your legally valid end-of-life document in minutes.



WeProov simplifies and accelerates claim process for all stakeholders, from insureds’ hands, enabling insureds to qualify and claim their damages in self-care thanks to a digital guided process.


Food (2019)

Back of the Yards Algae Sciences

Back of the Yards Algae Sciences (BYAS) is a circular economy food and agriculture microalgae-based solutions company.



Fillip can help us to simplify and optimize a part of our chores, so that we can spend more time with friends and family because that’s what really matters to us.



Heallo healthy food solutions’ mission is to find solutions to nutritional problems, from concept to market through biotechnology research. Starting from Sugar.


Kaffe Bueno

Kaffe Bueno upcycles used coffee grounds to produce active and sustainable ingredients for the personal care, nutraceuticals, functional foods/beverages industries.


Nice Filler

Nice Filler provides new materials for shelf life extension for food packaging.


Planted Foods

Planted Foods creates tasty “meat” directly from plants – and skips the animal. Our plant-based meat is clean-label, sustainable, healthy and cruelty-free.



Posidonia’s objective is to make the world a healthier place by helping people reduce their sodium consumption without sacrificing on taste.



Swiss TOP, Producer of PREMIUM.energy’s heritage is selected organic Alpine hemp.



PURESPACE extends shelf-life of fruits and vegetables during storage and transportation by removing ethylene, bacteria and mold.



REBEL MEAT’s Vision is to save our planet by making eating meat healthy and sustainable.


Supply Chain Fit

SC FIT helps diversified companies to tackle new business opportunities and improve their efficiencies by segmenting their supply chain according to market requirements. .



SwissDeCode is transforming food safety: we help Farmers and Food Manufacturers to grow and produce food that is safe to eat.


Health (2019)


Braive’s has developed the next generation of evidence-based online iCBT treatment and (remote) care for mental health challenges.



Making a huge positive impact on people’s lives.


Medicus AI

Medicus is an AI-based platform that interprets and converts medical reports and health data into an interactive, personalized experience with easy-to-understand explanations, insights and continuous


myLAB Box

myLAB Box is an at-home lab testing company that provides better access to healthcare by delivering kits directly to your doorstep.



Comfortable and easy to use Smart Textile ECG solution for long-term monitoring.



THE Swiss platform to find a doctor, dentist or therapist and book your medical appointment online.



Selfapy offers psychologically guided online therapy programs for people with mental disorders like depression, anxiety and eating disorders.


Smart City (2019)


AirBie is promoting bike-sharing as a means of transportation. We have developed a smart bike lock (with GPS), which fits any bike, such that anyone can create a bike sharing fleet in a few minutes.


BeON Energy

BeON Energy are transforming solar energy with innovative hardware and software that can create the connected energy communities of the future.


Breeze Technologies

Breeze Technologies provides tailored advice to improve local air quality based on advanced artificial intelligence, their own air quality sensor networks and external data sources.



eMost make the world a bit greener and better. eMOST stands for Mobile Storage and is a modular mobile battery for use-cases where electricity is needed without access to the powerline/grid.


Oxygen at Work

Oxygen at Work improves the air quality in office spaces combining natural plants with modern technology in order to improve the health of the employees and reduce the energy consumption of buildings.



SunData maximises solar production.



Sympower is a demand response aggregator that enables smarter energy use for a carbon-free future.



Thanks to its robust, autonomous (up to 7 years) and identifiable connected signage, TOTEMI brings a new form of discovery and commitment for the users of a city.



UPTO, the car subscription model, is the better alternative to car purchase and leasing.



ViaNova is the leading platform for managing urban mobility, partnering with cities and private mobility operators, in enabling more liveable streets, through better data analysis.


EdTech (2018)


We teach programming by creating intelligent environment using IoT sensors



“With Differ we have gone from 5% to 85% student participation and from 22% to 67% course completion, which increases our tuition revenues” – Dean, NKI Online College



Mobile-first platform to enable learning and simple authoring on-the-go anytime, anywhere. It’s mobile, participatory, personalized, group-based learning for impact.



Empowering the next generation of scientists to change the world



Our platform helps organisations to engage their members in continuous professional development, with an intelligent system that personalises resources and captures and rewards self-directed learning.


Sharing Academy

The peer-tutoring marketplace



We help pupils and apprentices to achieve much more in school by offering them a more modern 1-1 personal tutor training.



Learning platform where children can write interest-based books and become authors while learning to read and write.


Fintech (2018)


Altoo – we create simplicity for complex wealth.



Smart Cash Flow – We forecast money and can suggest improvements to cash flow


ETH Research




Fintechdb is an innovation and research tool for financial services, tracking the ever changing world of fintech in granular detail.


Gauss Algorithmic

Transforming businesses to effectively use data and digital technology



We help businesses to digitize contracts as non-proprietary Ricardian (human- and machine readable) Contracts and provide a blockchain-based platform to enable distribution, querying, and automation.



ResonanceX is a multi-issuer digital platform using technology to transform and optimise ways to create, distribute and invest in Structured Investments.


RoboVC (Swisscom Intrapreneurs)

Optimizing management of deal flow for venture capitalists and business angel communities by utilizing machine learning and AI, bringing concrete value and efficiency in investing into startups.



A Unified Platform for Smart, Self-executing and Compliant Contracts



vlot offers integrated B2B2C (white label) life risk analysis, life insurance coverage and dynamic life planning solutions combined with digital underwriting through cutting edge APIs and algorithms.



With our Augmented Language Intelligence we provide a currency for the sentiment for every company, index, sector and industry based on the analysis of more than 200´000 professional news a day.


Food (2018)


Alver aims to improve consumers’ health as well as our environment by offering foods that are healthy, tasty and sustainable containing the innovative micro-algae Golden Chlorella®.”



Besso is an unconventional socially-minded brand, created by a barista to give to tea the attention it deserves.



LuckaBox is a cloud-based platform for on-demand deliveries and warehousing to provide retailers with what their customers increasingly demand: on-demand deliveries



microPow is an all-natural delivery system for aromas and flavours which drastically improves the storability and enhances the release of contained aroma and flavour compounds.



Mondays, a Femtech subscription brand that delivers personalised sustainable period products conveniently to the door.


Yarok Microbio

New fast testing technology for the food industry. Detect & count bacteria (E.coli, Listeria, Salmonella, etc.) in 45 min. instead of days.


Smart Cities (2018)


Our vision is to lead the digital transformation by shaping the IoT future towards a connected and intelligent world. Formerly known as Hivemind



Rating the attractiveness of every place on Earth to answer the “where” question instantly with accurate location insights.



BlockDox is a patented software platform & sensor network using AI, machine learning & IoT for intelligent building & smart transportation


Fleco Power

Fleco Power brings together the worlds of Internet of Things and Energy to help run the electricity grid of the future


Kido Dynamics

Mobility analytics in just one click



Pedius enables phone calls for the deaf and hard of hearing


The Energy Audit

Optimizing operations and energy efficiency through predictive models


Fintech (2017)


AAAccell Ltd is a leading innovation company in asset- and risk management developing cutting-edge high-tech solutions for the financial service market.



Secure, Accurate, Smart Contracts and Distributed Ledger Technology for Enterprise Applications



We transform complex regulations into easy-to-use digital compliance rules.



We develop and provide blockchain technologies for enterprises


City Falcon

CityFALCON provides personalised financial news feed


Coin Cube

Index investing for digital assets


Fjuul Vision

We provide an engagement platform that enables insurers to grow their business at lower risk



Libryo enables any person, working in any organisation, to understand their legal obligations in any situation.



Neuroprofiler is an online and MiFID II – compliant risk profiling solution based on behavioral finance that helps financial advisors better assess the risk profile of their clients.


Price Hubble

PriceHubble enables smarter real estate decisions by bringing the latest in Machine Learning, Big Data Analytics and data visualization to market participants along the entire real estate value chain


Food (2017)


BIOsens markets biosensors for rapid quantitative diagnostics of food toxins. A sample is easily prepared and results are displayed within 15 minutes and stored in the cloud (IoT).



Farmerline connects small-scale farmers to information services, innovative finance, and markets to improve their incomes.


Flavor Wiki

FlavorWiki’s patent pending technology helps food retailers and producers create better products, improve customer targeting and deliver a more engaging food experience to consumers.


Hexagro Urban Farming

Hexagro Urban Farming provides scalable, modular, and automate indoor farming systems to allow anybody, anywhere access healthy food.



KITRO provides food and beverage outlets with an innovative solution to optimize their performance by reducing avoidable food waste.


Taste of Kenya

AgriTech startup simplifying the Kenyan coffee supply chain using direct trade and sustainable initiatives.


Robotics & Intelligent Systems (2017)


AstroPrint is the Android of the 3D Printing industry. By making all 3D printers simple to use, and connected to an infinite amount of content, we drive mass adoption for the 3D Printing industry.



Flicktek improves communication with novel gesture recognition technology


iFuture Robotics

Autonomous Robots for Smart Logistics


Jamie & I

Through artificial intelligence the virtual assistant Jamie learns about your personal style, while regularly sending you a curated selection of outfits tailored to your taste.



AI-powered 3D human motion tracking for media & entertainment, robotics and smart cities


Smart Cities (2017)


Our command & control app helps managers of public spaces to respond faster to incidents with a bird’s eye view on personnel and the crowd.


BikeLook Limited

Deterring and detecting bike theft using Internet of Things technology with smart city and insurance industry benefits.



DCbrain is a software start-up specialized in Artificial Intelligence applied to the digitization of industrial flow networks. DCbrain helps network managers deal with growing complexity in flows.


Hawa Dawa

Enabling clean air solutions.


Parquery AG

Parquery uses AI and deep learning algorithms to detect objects in images via existing cameras


Rent ‘n’ Share

We serve today`s individual mobility needs and provide flexible access to car-mobility at a fair price and fullest convenience.


Spark Horizon

We are building and operating the first free charging network for electric cars across Europe, underwritten by sustainably engaged brands and installed at highly popular locations at no cost.


State of Place

We’re moneyballing city-making, shifting it from an art to a science by quantifying what people love about places and predicting how best to make them more livable, sustainable, profitable – Smarter.



uHoo is an indoor air sensor that monitors and analyzes the air you breathe and provides you with data, insights and recommendations to create a healthier home and workplace.


EdTech (2017)

Dual Academy

Dual Academy transforms human potential into effective skills and behaviors for today´s digitalized workplace. Dual Academy’s programs combine impact and scalability. Contextualized and interactive ex



Edorble helps individuals and organizations create, publish, and use beautiful, cross-platform 3D environments for online collaboration and communication. Edorble offers a suite of tools and services,



InTeach is a mobile app solution for companies based on microlearning and gamification that brings a new, more efficient way of learning through short (3 minutes), actionable and engaging lessons ever



MalMath offers a personalized math learning platform and a step by step problem solver which fits both student and teacher needs.



Mathrix gamifies science for middle and high school French speaking students using social media. Mathrix teaches maths, physics and chemistry with videos and interactive exercises to motivate students



RyMM helps play-schools and daycares to collaborate efficiently with parents for the betterment of kids. With RyMM, teachers can check in their students to a mobile app, log kids’ activities and asses



SOS Nachhilfe has been called the new “UBER” of private tutoring and is the winner of the BBCW-Award 2017 in Bern. The company offers professional tutoring (1 to 1) locally as well as online together


The Experience Accelerator

The Experience Accelerator uses the latest cognitive research and digital technologies to help leaders learn new ideas and behaviors faster and more effectively. Using VR and gaming technologies coupl


U Smart Toys

U Smart Toys builds large touch Interactive playgrounds. We uniquely merge digital and real world game mechanics to make kids do sport while they make friends. The interactive toys are designed for sh



UbiSim is a company dedicated to creating interactive training for nursing students using the new possibilities of Virtual Reality (VR). The platform allows schools to respond to student demand for mo


Fintech (2016)


Redefining trade finance with blockchain



James is a one-stop shop for Credit Risk Management, that allows you to easily create, validate, deploy, and monitor regulation-ready, high-performing predictive models.



Making funding SMEs more efficient and less risky by automating and standardizing the lending process



Mobile app provider to pay bills across borders.



Making Financial Services Invisible



Strong and smooth authentication & authorisation



Engagement tools, analytics and a new way to think about insurance



student loan lending platform


Veezoo AG

A virtual assistant that understands the data of your company and can answer your questions with data visualisations and tables.



zoa allows companies handling GDPR challenges and ensures regulatory compliance


Food (2016)


Order fresh and individualized breakfast to offices



The home appliance accelerator, building the world’s fastest heating lunchbox



Healthy all-purpose fruit & veggie powder made from surplus produce, perfect for quick snacks, baking or smoothies.



Share what you purchase directly with a person in a developing country



Building the world’s largest free from allergies community


Future & Emerging Technologies (2016)


Biowatch transforms your watch into a secure source of identification using the unique pattern of your veins.



Infrastructure for insect cultivation and farming



Modum.io creates sensor devices leveraging blockchain technology to assert data immutability and public accessibility.



Piomic develops a non-invasive electroceutical device for treatment of chronic wounds.



Rasa is the leading open source conversational AI company for the enterprise



Tickey is mobility as a service platform.


Smart & Connected Machines (2016)


BOTA Systems makes robots sense like humans.



Smart data storage box that connects to peer-to-peer cloud storage network powered and secured by a blockchain.


Project Rosie

Learning science has never been so fun


Smart Home Technology

Smart Home Technology develops a full-package Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) solution for industrial companies to enhance their efficiency and reduce the environmental impacts.



Mixed reality solutions for industrial applications


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