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А54 Video Load Author Backend Testing

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Test cases


  • user filter, for videos and audios
    • Completeness (nothing missing)
    • e.g. Channel/Publisher, Featured Image,

  • Correctness (video length, description, title, …)
  • Data in Columns are OK for the videos we loaded
First Name Testing

  • Example
  • Different version of First Name: Jeff, Jeffrey
  • Youtube does it right
  • we must do it similar to youtube
Middle Name Testing

  • With or without middle
  • Jeffrey P. —> P is the middle
Too much Spam Authors

Too much spam: Thomas Jordan


Introduce a new field called Additional Search

Not enough results


Not enough results Example: : Jeff Snider



Introduce a new field called Additional Search

Name Variants

Middle Name: New Field in user

Load all videos in one go for

1) First Name, last Name

2) First Name, Middle Name, Last Name

3) [Synomym First Name]

Synonm is a table that lists of all first name

Example: Joseph / Joe


We edit the name manually and load videos

SIT Test cases

Example SIT Test Case: Standard, Author 30 videos

  • Filtering in FeedWP Testing
  • Expected: All videos with different author names are filtered out
  • Example: Paul Neillage, all results Neil Paul must be filtered
Example SIT Test Case: Super author – Ray Dalio

  • Test with: Super author – Ray Dalio
  • Expected: All videos are loaded and they are more than 50
  • Settings: Search in Title
Example SIT Test Case: No results

  • No results
  • Expected: Test the filter, no single video must be added
Example SIT Test Case: Load most important authors in our site

  • Load most important authors in our site
  • Expected: All videos from Youtube must be loaded
  • Settings: Search in Title only

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