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V38 Problems with Files

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Folder Renaming

The sync after a rename folder takes very long. This is particularly important when folder is very big.


Do not use the Sync.com web GUI, because it can create problems.

Move to new Folder

  1. Create new folder
  2. Move all files into a folder



New Folder Created
New Folder Created

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Delayed Files

Sometimes, sync cannot find files that are used in Windows or by other applications.

We moved the files when working on a different computer



Deleted Files

Video name: Delayed Files
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I have regularly problems with deleted files.

Main issue: Sync.com deletes files without warning

Examples when does this happen:

  •  I shared folders, and the friend deletes files that he does not want on his computer (handling issue)
  • When I temporarily moved the sync folder for space reasons
  • When I set up a new computer/ operating system and the sync folder is not complete (here a warning exists).
  • Moved files in the web GUI from one folder to another, operation did not terminate (do not close browser warning). Possibly I deleted some files manually, because I thought that the operation terminated.

I have some painful work-arounds

  • Examine the event log regularly.
  • Regular copies of the sync folder.


Possible Improvements

Deletion Warning

Change Request1: Show warning similar to Dropbox.




Filter by Action

Change Request2: Filter by Action (already written a mail)

Make it possible to Filter by the Action: Added, Deleted, Restored,…


File Location Details in Event Log

Change Request 3: Provide more details about the file location (instead only the share)

Event ID: 5c3d5b42c899a4030541ec81

… deleted the shared folder win32, and native-app-setup.exe and 638 more files in !Softwar


In order to understand where these files got deleted, I must click on each file.



Existing functionality: one message per shared folder (higher level)

Better: Write one log message per file folder (lower level)

I know that there is a (painful) workaround, namely sharing files at lower level in the file system.


Video name: Deleted Files Restore
(no trello link)

Trello Summary:

The following shows how to restore deleted files from the sync web frontend.

Video name: Sync.com Unsynched Files

Video Link to Trello




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