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All about mail identities.

Mail configuration can be found here.

Video and Pics


From Manage Identities button pop-ups these settings for setting the Identities. Have to setup identities for every account.

Default Thunderbird Functionality

  • Define the default Thunderbird identity
  • When sending a new email, it is sent with the Default
  • Problem: Thunderbird allows to define the default identity, but it sends out mails with wrong identity, it uses the main account mail, but not the identity (tested until Thb 59)
  • Solution: No, maybe different version, test expected
  • Testing:
  • Send a email from one account
  • Reply from another
  • and then try to reply from the first account and see what will be the sender
  • Expected behavior: must use the default sender identity

Identities Settings
Identities Settings

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Video Name:  Outgoing Mail and Identities

The video explains 3 things:

  1. Set Default Identity 0:00 –> 0.50
  2. Do use Default for Outgoing Server, but use the RIGHT one for each account.
  3. Define a new outgoing Server (SMTP) starts at 0:50
  4. Start -> 0:50 Outgoing Mails
  5. 1:00 -> end Account Settings and Identities

New Identities E-llusion

Bruno Martini Identity

Bruno Martini Identity
Bruno Martini Identity

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