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O71 Merge by Column

Page no: O71

Problems & Solutions


Delete cards for each team was not working. Second problem was that the name of the Board was changed

The problem is fixed. The plugin now works based on Teams


New power-up:  Empty trash with one button


Merge with external GUI

  • 1. Choose Board (manual)
  • 2. Choose List: _MergeCards (automatic or manual)
  • 2. Result: show Numbers Cards in the list –> Please also show 0 zero cards
  • 3. Choose Master Card (word master)
  • 4. Choose Child Cards, the ones that get copied into the master
  • 5. Do not delete cards but move into DeleteCards&List Board (very special for us —> This board is duplicated, why?
  • improve messages
  • — Expected processing
  • for each card in the children list
  • Delete children cards
  • copy all checklists into the master
  • Copy all attachments into the master
  • Display Results: Do a reload of master card
  • we append the description of a child to the existing description DOES NOT WORK (but is not so important, we can keep description of master that contains link to page)
  • copy all comments from the children into the master
  • Custom Fields?? will go into improvements
  • 6. Go Back
  • Go-Back only works with external GUI
  • Problem: Go Back is currently to the very beginning : Top Menu
  • Expected: Go Back allows me to change the master card for merge, hence a real go back
  • –> Choice between Go Back or Top Menu
  • Problem Merge Cards List Function: Can choose function without choosing list

UAT Testing

  • Number Attachments Results = Number Attachments of Master + Number Attachment of Children
  • Number Checklists = Number Checklist of Master + Number Checklists of Children
  • Description = Concat (Description Master, Description Children) DOES NOT WORK (at least in case that child does not have checklists)

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