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Pr62 Packages in Germany for Swiss

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Hermes PaketShop


Price: for free

Time Limit: Sent back after 10 working days.


1) Autohaus Rehm

Hauptstr. 9
79801 Hohentengen am Hochrhein

07742 / 5757

2) Swiss Paket

Altenburgerstr. 42
79798 Jestetten

07745 / 9281739

3) Reisebuero Tangram

Austr. 1
79790 Kuessaberg

07741 / 9660990


DHL and Deutsche Post


Price: free

DHL offers three types

  • Post shop: sent back after 7 working days
  • DHL Shop (symbol DHL): sent back after 7 days
  • Post station (symbol boxes): sent back after 9 working days.


Clearly the closest from Switzerland is the post office Hohentengen am Hochrhein. But opening hours are not very convenient.








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