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SB13 Vision/Purpose

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Difference between purpose, vision and mission.


 #1 (For Progress) Consider creating a ‘For Progress’ startup to improve the quality of life on this planet that is aligned with UN Sustainable Development Goals.

First, read about the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals here (https://sdgs.un.org/goals).

Next, go to the ‘For Progress’ tool here (https://FI.co/progress), and use it to find any Impact KPIs that are relevant to your current business Idea, writing all of the relevant iKPIs here.

If you can not find any relevant iKPIs and if you feel that you have a company that is designed to have a positive impact, then write a measurable metric for your success here and email it to [email protected]

If you are not pursuing a company with a positive impact or if you can not find a positive impact for your business, then write ‘Not For Progress’ and move to the next item.

Lastly, for each iKPIs that you have chosen or created, write a couple of sentences about how you could reach a million people or significantly influence the iKPI metric by building your business. (1 Hour)

  1. Increase of real GDP per employed person in developing countries.
  2. Increase in hourly earnings of female and male employees, youth and the disabled.
  3. Increase of annual growth rate of real GDP per capita in developing countries.

The development center of our company is in Bulgaria, the country with lowest GDP in the European Union. Many companies in Bulgaria work in the SEO (search engine optimisation) are using copywriting techniques. Here they take existing text, they reformulate it, add images from their customers and “backlink” the texts to their customers. Similar work is done in many other developing countries.
Our mission: We want to automate this work.

Instead of writing texts manually, they shall now help in programming and automation in the backlink building process.
Ad 1) The automation raises real GDP  per capita.
Ad 2) The automation raises real GDP growth per capita.
Ad 3) This increases hourly earnings towards Western levels that do more “meaningful” work.

Both workers and customers and customers of customers are involved, therefore the impact may go into the millions.



What are you all about?

Step back and think of the reasons you’re pursuing this venture. You had an idea that solves a problem, and if you solve a problem, you change the world, right?

Don’t be afraid to think from this lofty perch, but you and your team have to be rooted in the ‘why’ of what you’re doing.

Your startup’s purpose will help shape your story and give your team one central vision to rally around. I’m willing to hypothesize that 90 percent of startups fail to unify their reasons for existing, and starting from a discombobulated position is a recipe for disaster. Only when you’re aligned internally are you ready to share your message with the masses.

Keep in mind, you are building a business, not just an idea. Gaining market intelligence to validate whether or not an opportunity exists before you start developing a strategy will save you time, money, and resources, and ensure you build something your end users love.


Why on Forbes 



Why: We’re here to guide SEO customers to the new innovation and to the best they can get for their budget.



Vision and Mission

#10 (Vision, Mission and Values) Write a Vision and a Mission Statement, along with company Values.

The Vision Statement is a one sentence statement of purpose for the company.

The Mission Statement is a one sentence measurable objective that the company hopes to achieve over the next five years.


Create a nicely formatted PDF with the Vision, Mission and Values to provide to advisors, consultants and Team Members. (2 Hours)




What: Our vision is that any Swiss company is able afford a well-functioning regular Search Engine Optimization.


Through access to innovative solutions that make regular SEO affordable.

Percentage of Swiss companies that have access to regular SEO.






The Values are three to five adjectives with a one sentence description for each adjective that the company uses to make decisions, set culture and hire Team Members.


We will create and follow a plan that aligns our actions, communications, and culture with our mission, vision, and value


We will eliminate distractions to pursue the opportunities that drive us to fulfill our mission and achieve our vision.


We will stay true to the values and actions that inspire people to support our vision and the difference we make


We will seek clarity to gain greater understanding into the impact of our mission and outcomes of our vision.


We will speak to the mind and appeal to the heart with stories that inspire people to listen, care, and act


We will be curious, listening closely to discover, hear, and understand what people value and expect of us.


We will be ambassadors, recognizing that every interaction is an opportunity to build and strengthen relationships.


We will acknowledge the people who share our values, believe in our vision, and help us make a difference.


We will be accountable and transparent, speaking and acting true to our values, character, culture, and voice.


We will choose our words wisely because they inspire people to trust, follow, take action, and make a difference


We will act boldly and speak confidently because our purpose matters and our vision has the power to change the future.


We will be fearless and resilient, overcoming every challenge as we lead the movement to make our vision a reality.

Values for innovation





Quality: Our employees always strive to produce excellent work that pushes the company and our customer upwards.

Individuality: The company deeply respects the knowledge, skills, ideas, and capabilities that each employee brings to the team.

Creativity: Employees are fountains of new ideas, fueling better products, services, and processes. The company embraces laughter, humor, and having fun while working toward a common goal.

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Why do u do innovation, what inspires who?
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