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Reduce programs with Internet Access

Too many programs with internet access

Reduce of programs with internet access to keep your privacy.

Why Firewall?

We do not want keyloggers or similar to run on our computers.

We need a firewall on all computers that is easy to use.

Instead do the driver update manually.

Run external driver update like Avast, Glary Utilities, but don’t let each program run their own driver update.


Tiny Wall Driver Update
CM5x Tiny Wall Driver Update

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Firewall Competition

The following is a list of Firewall software (screen from ZoneAlarm when leaving)

Interestingly our preferred software are not there.


Firewall Overview
Firewall Overview

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Examples for Firewalls

Zone Alarm

The following video shows how we installed a Firewall software from ZoneAlarm. It is a free software.


for a better software:

  • Enable/Disable all 4 checkboxes with one click.

Firewall Set Boxes for Trusted Programs
CM Firewall Set Boxes for Trusted Programs

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ZoneAlarm old value new value

ZoneAlarm old value new value
ZoneAlarm old value new value

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Zone alarm Set to Ask Permission

Avast Firewall

Avast provides a Firewall. It is easy to use.

But it costs 19dollar per year per computer

Too much Money


Overview of Avast Firewall here.


Avast Uninstall Painful

The Uninstall of an Avast product is very painful, in particular because they try to cross-sell a lot of different things.

I recommended to use:

  1. Avast Clear – available here.
  2. and/or the use of an Uninstaller software; like Revo Uninstaller
  3. Step 1 is not enough, hence you might search for Avast remainders, as shown in the image.


Avast Remaining Files After Uninstall
Avast Remaining Files After Uninstall


Which Firewall to Choose?

We use TinyWall and Firewall App Fab based on the WindowsFirewall.

  • Advantages of both: Small and cheap software

Disadvantage of TinyWall:

  • Has problems with Sharing and Homegroup

Disadvantage of Firewall App Fab:

  • Does not have auto-learn


Use Firewall App Blocker Fab when there are more computers that need a connection / homegroup.

Example : HP Elite and MediaPC in Zurich together with the two Synologies.

Use Tinywall for stand-alone computers.




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