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G90 Founders

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In this Feedback Session, Founders will present any customer development progress to the Mentors to examine if they are pursuing a scalable business with a clear and actionable customer problem. The Mentors will also provide tips on how to validate your key assumptions, interview potential customers effectively, and best interpret the feedback you receive.



Below are just a few of the 10-15 deliverables you’ll complete through Working Groups and Office Hours:


Launch Track Deliverables

  1. Customer Interviews – Develop a longer series of customer interview questions based on your initial interviews and key assumptions, with at least ten open-ended customer interview questions for each customer problem.
  2. Customer Archetype – Use our guidelines to develop or improve an initial customer archetype for your ideal target customer.
  3. Landing Pages – For each remaining customer problem, develop or improve a professional landing page (sales.snbchf.com)
    targeted to your initial customer archetype, and quickly build up a mailing list to receive customer feedback.


Growth Track Deliverables

  1. Customer Archetype – Use our guidelines to create or update a detailed customer archetype of your target customer, based on either your existing customers or improved research.
  2. Revenue Interviews – Interview customers about the pricing of your revenue model, using three different revenue models/ pricing schemes. Confirm your existing model or select a new one based off these interviews.
  3. Interview Competitor Customers – Identify customers of competing products or solutions and encourage them to switch to your solution, ideally securing a letter of intent (“LOI”), or developing an ongoing relationship for feedback.
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