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Video and Pics

Graph Snippets or Tiny Tables?

Use snippets ONLY for posts with few images without graphs

Update: October 2016: We do not like posts with few graphs

Acting man feed always starts with a beauty image that is also used for featured pic
This is very good but needs design

  • If there are many images in the post (like acting man), then always use tiny table  –> see step 4
  • Beauty image must have size of max 400, under the follow author box
  • Chapter name right to beauty image, not above
  • Left aligned to introduction text (first lines of text)
  • Featured image should be most beautiful image
  • Zerohedge put the beauty/featured often to the bottom, move to top!
  • Featured image NOT EMPTY, if empty tell George
  • TEXT if there is text title copy it into ALT and tags


Graph Snippets

The video shows how to insert graph  snippets.


(December 26)




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