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Design Proposal for Push Notifications


Replace Twitter popup on snbchf by 3 different functions: NL, Twitter, browser notifications

We changed the functionality and introduce the

1) Subscribe for newsletter

2) Follow on twitter

3) Browser notifications

The design proposal shows a first version.

Here we do not distinguish between the different Twitter accounts.






Our browser notifications are currently powered by PushCrew.com. We have account there and we can send as many notifications as we want. We have limit of 500 subscribers with the free plan.

Problem with cache or similar

We must enforce that the users clear their cache because the new pop-up looks as can be seen to the right.


Where does the donate come from? Is this code that is still somewhere?



Can we modify the notification messages?

No, we can’t change the text.

We must tell users when they get a notification. This is a choice, so we integrate it in the popup. In the pop-up the user can choose between newsletter, notification and Twitter.

When does snbchf send notifications? With new posts or?

No, we need to prepare and send notification with title, text and image. We can send everyday the new fx daily or link to the newsletter.

We do not have any problems currently.

What is the current problem, when does the popup come?

–> Apparently it comes after 10 pages. This is OK for testing< not many users will watch more pages.

My opinion is that we inform users of the cases when they get a notification. This is same as newsletters whereby can modify the frequency.

Push Notifications Popup


Here the most important questions from above as a video.

One is solved: The popup comes after 10 pages.


Donate popup inside popup for NL, when shows for the first time?

The popup comes after 10 pages.



How to test it?

Just go into the website and open 10 articles.




(Apr 15, 2017)


I think that most things are OK (see checklist), we can continue to be live.

But we should solve the issue with the strange popup with donate.

Newsletter Subscription

There is no feedback after Newsletter subscription, like

“Sucessfully subscribed”



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