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L09 Milestone 2018

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03) Multi-Web Site Support: We make our plugins work on any website with an easy install mechanism

04) Story plugin: Show a story for snbchf.com and  for the other sides.

06) Author pics: Easy possibilities to follow an author and share his content

08) We improve the register and login process so that users can give their preferences like languageBusiness

10) Introduce a new subscription service with nice layout —> Mailpoet, DONE

22) We will allow login with social media like Facebook and Twitter and subscribe this way

24) Try to replicate comments from Facebook on our articles and from tweets on our articles

26) Teasers and CSS in different languages: We will write introductions in multiple languages, but the article will remain in English.


Moreover, we would like to improve SEO.

  • Improve existing SEO based on the Yoast pages you imported
  • Find out which are high-quality backlinks so that business does comments on the right sites
    2a) for task 2 we need to find out our keywords for each page. This a business task


In the following we show some examples:

Ad 6) Author pic


Ad 10) Mail subscription

Mailpoet Register —> copy to us via Plugin DB table –> Our tool/data —> Mailpoet daily mails —> Our Tool/data (user analytic)

Alternative1: subscribe via wordpress.com  –> This is done via visibility in wordpress.com plugin

Link to full documentation for mailpoet

Ad 22) Social media register and login

Examples:  Livefyre/Facebook/Twitter/Google

  1. Register  via social button  (already done much earlier on the social site)
  2. Login via social button inside widget

Copy user data from social system to us

Example: Livefyre


Ad 24) Social media comment

  1. Facebook comment (when there is a link to our blog)
  2. Copy linked data to our blog and to our statistics
  3. –> better SEO + our tool/data (user analytic)Example: Livefyre



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