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We have custom plugin which is called into popup and show the user login form. The fileds in log in form are – email (username), password and remember me checkbox. We use our core WP user table (reference) for checking if the user email (username) and password correct. We use the core rember me function from wordpress.



We use our core WP user table (reference) for adding the new customers. We use user meta additional fields in which we store this information – ip, reverse ip, country, live fyre login and wordpress login. We use user table and user meta field table for storing all our information. We use the core wp user table in WP Admin to show the users.

FireShot Screen Capture #030 - 'SNB CHF Blog The Swiss National Bank and Swiss Franc Blog -SNBCHF_COM' - swissnationalbank_org

Forget password

We use core wordpress forget password with our custom design. It sends the user’s new password to his email address. Our emails are custom made and we can easily change their texts. It looks like:



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