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PRIV Еxx Google Go-Live Tasks: Author Names

Page no: Е03a

This task is done except Swissmacro (waiting for German stop lists)


This page is about the tasks for Google Go-Live of our feed site. See here in the milestones


Macro: Move Business Insider to Trash

There are still 30 pages of Business Insider posts on macro

  • Move all their posts  to trash (filter by cat)
  • Delete all their users (business insider mail address)
    (sorry, many were double names where you worked before)
  • Remove link


Cheerleaders: Need bio for all cheerleader authors


Create link for zerohedge on macro and doc it.

Which steps must be taken to add a link,

Step1 new link
Step2 Feed WP mapping,
Step3: create user
Step4: Map content to user


Family (Last) Names of users

The new procedure for URLs needs last names (Family names) of users.

Therefore Rad needs to check for all EconomicBlogs:

  • That the last name is not empty
  • We would like one single word as family name,
    • We don’t like : G. Holcombe as last name, leave this a Holcombe
No Multiple Last Name
  • Family names of none persons shall be written in one word.
    • Example: Wall Street Journal becomes
      First Name: Journal
      Last Name: WallStreet


Help: You can see the family name in easily in the user overview. When there are two words and it its a real person then all is fine, you do not need to edit.

Family Name
Normal case Example: Scott Sumner

Exception1: For all none-persons like “Spiegel”, “Spott Money”, “The National Interest”, “The Telegraph”, you need to use one word like “SprottMoney”
no “the” in this word

Family Names will be : Spiegel, SprottMoney, NationalInterest, Telegraph

Exception2: Multiple writer in one user



Use Nickname for Central Banks

Central Banks are also organisations. Here we use the short names: SNB, RBA, RBNZ, ECB.



Set Last Names of Multi user

add the two or three family names with “-”

First name is empty



for the authors James K. Glassman, J. W. Verret and Hester Peirce



Manual Correction: Wrong authors on Mises USA

There are many posts that are by

but in reality they are by Ryan McMaken.



but we have Bettina Bien


Manual Correction: Assign Correct Author for “Adam Smith” Posts


We used the wrong author for 64 posts and called him Adam Smith. Use the correct author for these 64 with this link



Now the URL is wrong


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