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Video and Pics

Latest Parallel Systems

As of 2020.05


Tools for Partitions

Paragon Disk Manager

Drives Setup


Paragon Festplatten Manager™ 15 Suite
Paragon Festplatten Manager™ 15 Suite


The video shows how to set up drives and partitions with Paragon Disk Manager.

Copy SSD, instead backup

This is how we copy SSD for a backup onto a new SSD or new partition.

We prefer this against a Windows backup.


Disk System MBR Use for System Disk
Disk System MBR Use for System Disk


Partition Changed Size

Paragon Main Partition Changed Size

Drives After All Changes
CM11 Drives After All Changes



This video shows how to copy a whole SSD to another with Paragon Disk Manager.

Change Language

Paragon Version 16 (rel. 700)


The language of the hard disk manager 16’s user interface depends on the language of the installed Windows. On a German-speaking Windows, the software is thus installed with a German-language interface, on an English Windows with English-language interface. This applies at least for German and English. Other languages ​​are to be added.

Of course there is the possibility to actively influence in which language the program interface is displayed.

To do this, please install the program from an administrative console. Proceed as follows:

Right-click in the lower left corner and select “Command Prompt (Administrator)” from the context menu. Now you are in a DOS window.
Change to the directory containing the installation file with the “cd” command. For example, if this is your “Download” library, the command is:

cd / d% userprofile% \ downloads
Now enter the command “[your installation program] locale = DE” to install the software in German. Be sure to start the correct installer for your operating system. The command could be, for example:

Paragon-760-FRU_WinInstallx64_16.16.1_000.exe locale = DE

The abbreviation for German is de, the abbreviation for English is en.



Change Language: Version 15 (rel. 299) Not Possible.

How can I change the language to English?When I follow the article
for the 16 version.

What does this mean for the Version 15?

I obtain the parameter /L Sprach-ID
Please look at the screenshot

What are the values for Sprach-ID?
What is the value for English


Portable Partition Manager

The portable Partition Manager delivers the same functionality as Paragon Diskmanager and this for free.


Convert MBR into GPT on EFI with Partition Wizard

Convert MBR into GPT on EFI
Convert MBR into GPT on EFI

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Paragon Manager

Paragon Festplatten Manager™ 15 Suite

Paragon Festplatten Manager™ 15 Suite
CM15 Paragon Festplatten Manager™ 15 Suite

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Dynamic MBR

ZurichComp2 Dynamic MBR

How to create a Dynamic Master Boot Sector

ZurichComp2 Dynamic MBR
ZurichComp2 Dynamic MBR


Partitions during Windows Installation

Unable to create system partition

: Setup was unable to create a new system partition or locate an existing system partition

When booting from CD or USB Stick, some chapters apply only for USB.

Text source Easeus


Step 1. and Step 5 for installing from USB only, not

Setup was unable to create a new system partition or locate an existing system partition

 Manually create the boot partition


  1. Boot Windows installation from USB flash drive.
  2. Press Shift+F10.
  3. In console type diskpart.exe and press enter. In this program execute following:
    • select disk=0. Disk 0 is your destination drive, so be careful, all information on this drive will be removed.
    • create partition primary size=xxx, where xxx – is the size of new partition.
    • select partition=1.
    • active.
    • format fs=ntfs quick.
    • assign.
    • exit, now you have bootable drive C.
  4. Navigate to USB flash drive, in my case: cd d:.
  5. Copy all files from USB drive to C: drive: xcopy d: c: /e /h /k.
  6. Go to boot folder: cd boot.
  7. Make you C: drive bootable with following command: bootsect /nt60 c:.
  8. Put off USB flash drive from computer and restart them.
  9. Install Windows.
  10. Remove unnecessary menu item from bootscreen.
    • Run cmd.exe as Administrator
    • See boot menu list bcdedit
    • Find Windows Setup and copy identifier
    • Run bcdedit /delete {identifier}

Copy Partition

  • [x] — Videos
  • [x] Videos on Page https://doc.e-llusion.org/niko/post.php?post=72331&action=edit
  • [x] CM01 Partition Resize Travellap
  • [x] — Tasks
  • [x] Aim: Have 2 working systems on each SSD, able to copy SSD when needed
  • [x] I can use this SSD when the system breaks down or when I use it on another similar computer (like Elite i5)
  • [x] partitions contain Win7 and Win8
  • [x] Name drives and boot entries according SATA slots
  • [ ] — Copy all working systems with Partition Wizard
  • [x] Use Win7 to copy Win8
  • [x] Win8 to copy Win7
  • [x] Make sure that they can be used: Must be primary
  • [x] if not change to primary, change with Partition Manager
  • [x] Make sure that during install phase, no other drives are used (pagefile, etc.)
  • [x] Target State
  • [x] Windows 7 and 8 on SSD
  • [x] and one reserve system on the 1 GB Drive
  • [ ] — When copying from 250GB to 120 GB
  • [x] Copy the partition to a 120GB SSD first
  • [x] Then one can copy the whole disk to a backup


Sizes by Date

CM01 Actions after SSD Copy


Existing Files on Target SSD, may recover them

  • [ ] Map target drives into drive letter
  • [ ] Find files on old partitions
  • [ ] https://doc.e-llusion.org/files/tools/types
  • [ ] After results click on View–> Details
  • [ ] order by folder
  • [ ] usual suspects: c:\prgs appdata
  • [ ] order by size: Typically big files are user files

Additional tasks on Elite i5 restore

  • [ ] First do https://trello.com/c/YU4GFQFV/58-cm01-ssd-restore
  • [ ] When we have two computers running on the same backup, we got some additional tasks
  • [ ] Rename computer and restart
  • [ ] Activate the Windows License [link to card] in 30 days
  • [ ] Make sure that NAS drives are mapped correctly: Parallel systems must be drives H,I,J and not D,E,.. [link to card]
  • [ ] Radmin has a conflict (banned) https://trello.com/c/J6ysn0Mw/103-cm44-radmin-problems to be done on both original and copy
  • [ ] Different Google logins for different comps https://trello.com/c/Wh1NeeHH/69-v15-google-drive-setup Elite i5 needs ekamorgen and [email protected] (prgs+Latest Sprint)
  • [ ] Review P Cloud Sync, consider synching each sync only on one computer, Example: i5 uses SyncComp, i7 does SyncTeam
  • [ ] Icloud Login as different user: OptionA: two Windows users (admin, user) on Elite i7, OptionB: one user on each, Option C: Family Sharing, Option D: two computers —-> Option D chosen

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