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Put only things specific for the Stop Word List, nothing else (in particular NOT details about stop-words lists or tag-based lists)



Definition: Stop Word List

A lStop Word List is a list that only contains  stop words.

Item: All items of the list are stop words. In the case of a stop words list each item is exactly one word.


Stop Words Lists on DB

Table / Attribute where stop word lists are stored.

Are items stored seperatedly?

  [screenshot from DB]

Types of lists

Dimension 1:

  1. Stop Word List: We have multiple stop words lists depending on the grammar of the language.

Dimension 2: 

  • Master List:  Typically users like to enter new words only in a
    single place – called Master.
  • Slave List: A slave list is a copy from the master list.

The type of list, i.e. the two dimensions should be a DB attribute on the list.



Edit Stop Word list manually

Same function as in lists.

Exception: What happens when an item has two words. Is this a problem?


Order Stop Words  List

Same function as in lists.


Synchronization of Stop Words  Lists

Types of Sync

Only one type:

  • List Sync: Copy all words from the master list into the slave list

Synchronization Method

  • Bi-Directional: The sync adds missing items to both slave and master.






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