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F91 Youtube Feed Design

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Good example for a fully youtube based feed site can be shown here:

Good ideas, which we can take form here:

  • Menu – very good structured menu (nearly like snbchf and doc site menus)
  • Good idea for a big slider with top 3 videos at the start of the website
  • Good category listing for videos, we need to implement this


Plugin Details

Name: Youtube Video loader

Current version: 1.0.7

Folder name: youtube_video_loader

Plugin main file: youtube_video_loader.php


Steps for Design

We divided the process to four steps:


Simple test requests

  • Create youtube access
  • Create simple script
  • Fetch video


We firstly start with a simple tests. We generate API access and start using two simple methods: Search and Videos. 

In that time we were able to fetch video and then show it on a single page



Integration with FeedWP

In the end we saw that the API works perfectly and we can search for anything we want, but we need more powerful GUI, we need to automatize it and so on.

So we decided to change a little bit the GUI and the function. We kept all functions regarding the api, searching, mapping and so on. But we remove the small part was adding the post in the WordPress.

Why we do that?

We had a very powerful search engine, but we were needed to recreate the whole FeedWP, but for Videos only. To do most of the functionalities from scratch. This was not good solution. So the youtube APi just started to create feeds.



Multiple Feed Sources

In the last version the plugin started to create feeds with own URL and structure.  We were able to create feeds from:

  1. youtube
  2. many other source of information or videos
  3. we can easily integrate twitter in it

Until now we had similar function for posts which is called RSSGrabber.  Now we have APIGrabber which can take anything from anywhere and in the end it provides a unique URL which can be sourced by all our blogs.


We have many advantages about this solution:

  1. Many source of information like Youtube
  2. We use ALL functionalities from current software – FeedWP
  3. We can use content-based filter of FeedWP and feed videos based on keywords
  4. It is automatically, no manual work
  5. Easily changeable all feeds and information


Turn-On Feed for Video

Here is a full information how feed is added into FeedWP

See more for Autofeed