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Reload Posts with FeedWordPress


Sometimes, we do not have correct formatting for posts. In this case we must reload old posts.


  • Adjust Strip HTML tags filter
  • Count number of posts
  • Delete posts that got reloaded
  • Update feed
  • Tests


Strip HTML Tags filter


First we need to remove the filter about stripping the HTML tags that are no formatting tags like <backquote> or <h3>.

Count number of posts

We need to check how many posts are given by the feed. Here are 10. So we know that we can reload only 10 posts.

delete filter

FeedWordpress: Removing the filter

Delete old posts that got reloaded


How many posts are given from the RSS

Then we delete the last posts, which are exact number as the founded posts in Step 2) 1delete posts

WordPress: Deleting posts

Delete from trash

1empty trash

WordPress: Purge the trash

Update Feed

4) Then we need to update the feed via Syndication -> Syndicated Sites -> Update now on the right feed

syndication update

FeedWordpress: Update the feed


We need to test all the new loaded posts from the feed and check if everything is okey. We must check:

– If there are any black boxes
– If the formatting is like the original site
– if we get the images and set the first as featured image
– if the links are good

2update posts

Double check the loaded posts

Reloaded for posts for one year

Done on LSE

How many posts we will get depends on the website and their feed. They decide the exact number of posts which will be added in the rss.



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