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The Syndication site has become a pure testing site.


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Missing pictures

How to solve the problem automatically


Credit Writedowns /category/credit-writedowns Multi  

  1. Breadcrumb on top of the article
  2. No missing pictures
  1. DONE
Economonitor /category/economonitor Multi
  1.  Leave a reply
The Economist: Free exchange /category/economist-exchange Multi  NO
FT Alphaville /category/ft-alphaville Multi
  1. No missing pictures
Global Economic Intersection /category/gei Multi
  1.  Previous articles in the end of  posts
  1. Cant be removed automatically
Piera Online Magazine /category/piera  —-
Project Syndication /category/project-syndicate Multi
  1.  Continue reading link at the end of posts
  1.  DONE
VoxEU /category/voxeu Multi
  1. No missing pictures




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