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Calendar Sync with Trello

3 main ways to sync with Trello Verdict / Issues
Trello Calendar Powerup Can two-way-sync only once a day: Google issue
Planyway not useful
Cronofy Works well for two-way sync
Pomodoneapp Calendar Blocking, one-way
IFTT Example: Create from Google new Event in a certain calendar


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Google Calendar without Gmail


Share Calendars

(share calendar source)

Step 1: Share calendar
Step 2: Give access to “Make changes and manage sharing*

Step 3: Other user must accept the mail invite



Step 4: Create the calendars
Step 5:  Connect to Multi.Calendar Manager

Woven: in the account manager

OneCalendar on Apple

Step 6: Move the calendar entries to new owner




disabled for all Google Calendar blocks.

Enable Guest responses again.

This must be done for each single calendar in the account.

Set Event Responses to Email
Allow Alternative Email Address for Responses.
This exists with only one calendar.This must be done just for one single calendar of the account

Google Calendar without Gmail


Spam Entries in Calendar

Spam Entries in Calendar

— Solution
Go to Google Calendar on your computer
Click the cog in the upper right, then hit settings
On the list on the left, click “Event settings”
Look for the “Automatically add invitations” option.

Change this to “No, only show invitations to which I have responded”

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