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S66 Client Project Plan Gold

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Step Step Name Aim Who Comments Attached files
1 Primary Keyword Definition Obtain the keywords that are relevant for sales Monetary Metals Examples:
Gold Lease
Gold Bonds
Interest on Gold
Gold Bonds

Gold Lease

Interest on Gold

2 Keyword Ranking Understand where Monetary Metals’ rank for the keywords. SNBCHF team /
Partner SEO company
3 Sales Page Definition Define the sales page within Monetary Metals?
How do you create “citability” on your sales pages to justify links from offsite writers?
Sales pages lack citability
Solution: Solution approach see 5b 
3 internal SEO – Monetary Metals Website SEO Analysis

  • internal site analysis
  • speed analysis
  • Google Analytics
Partner company in Bulgaria or any SEO company Problem:
Just improving internal SEO is enough.
Monetary Metals incl. Competitors
4 External SEO: Backlinking Backlinks Analysis
Increase traffic to Monetary Metals Sales pages
SNBCHF team General remark: Keith’s articles are not linked into Monetary metals sales pages
and not keyword-focused enough
Backlinks Primary Analysis:
“Keith Weiner Gold articles”
Monetary metals currently using the following backlinks Problem:
1) No backlinking/citation of sales page (order to ranking not fully analysed)
2) Not enough backlinks for this expensive keyword.
4a Forbes Stopped
Keith Weiner Economics
Seeking Alpha
Mises Lower number articles
Investing.com No articles since 2019
European Economic Blogs
Gold Standard Institute
PrNewswire (implicitly Yahoo)


Acting Man Lower ranking,
4b Backlinks:
“Monetary Metals”
Analysis outstanding
4c Backlinks Analysis
“Gold Lease”
Analysis outstanding
5 Backlinking to Sales Pages:
Automatic Content Own Websites
5a External SEO: Keyword focused Create keyword-focused content automatically SNBCHF Team
5b Create keyword-based feeds into useful website
This implies posts of other authors!
SNBCHF Team Examples:

Gold Lease on Youtube

Gold Lease on Gold-Eagle.com
Gold Lease on Investing.com

5c Satellite Website Decide which website to use
Option 1: Use existing website(s) such as SNBCHF
Option 2: Create keyword-based for a newly registered website
-> Example goldlease.net
5d Automatic sales page insertion Enforce using backlinking tools of SNBCHF Solution:
6 Backlinking to Sales Pages, external websites
SNBCHF Team currently uses external tools
own tools are in development.
6a Automatic Youtube Commenting Post Youtube comments on existing videos that fit into keyword search. SNBCHF Team
6b Automatic sales page insertion Insert keywords into existing posts on external websites. Access required.



Explanation Videos and Pics

Weak SEO

We have not increased page visits since 3 years

  • Option1: Stop the blog
  • Option2: Increase SEO with Google Ads: Author Name
  • Option3: Improve Archives, Organical Improvement: Rad is not doing copy tags from media into posts
  • Option4: Ask SEO team
  • Option5: Tweet Author —> Automatic Retweet by author
  • —> Option5, preferred




Gold Bonds

Gold Lease

Interest on Gold





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