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Featured Image Create Inside Post

Good That you have featured on snbchf, when image is missing.
But put it also into the post, so that swiss.ecoblogs picks it up

Swiss Ecoblogs Images Not Inside Posts


1. We do not import images (example Inside Paradeplatz)
2. We do not set ALT Text, Caption to what is written in the original
3. Disable Lazy Load
4. –> Put testing of ALT Text, Caption into 1b Ecoblogs Testing

Swiss Ecoblogs Images Not Inside Posts

(May 19, 2017)

Video or screenshots

  1. Show that we import images now
  2. Show that we set ALT Text and caption to what is written inside the image.

Document how to test this regularly

We have this problem on ecoblogs, too. Please go for special testing for this. This means you go to the images and click on them. When the image size is small, we have this problem there, as well. This must be part of regular ecoblogs testing.

Image Size

How to test if the size image is right?

Go image by image using the quick media edit. Then you need to check if the image name does not have some sizes in the end. For example this image is called flatearthmap1892.jpg and it is fine. If the image is called flatearthmap1892-300×100.jpg then we do not take the original image. Only if the image contains this structure in the end, we do not take the original image.



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