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PRIV O45a Table of Content and Glossary

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Page no: O45a



Video and Pics 

TOC: Table of Content

Content and Explanation

Table of Contents and Explanation

Source: WordPress.org

We used a plugin called Table of content Plus which creates a beautiful and clickable table of content.

It has a powerful options of customization, which can be found here.


1) Use [ toc ] shortcode whenever we want to use table of content.

2) Make the TOC automatic.

Test page:




Table Of Content Plus Plugin
O44 Table of Contents and Explanation

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Table of Content Plus: Options

Reason: Toc is automatic now.

Empty Chapters in Table of Content

We see just a chapter number but not the name of the chapter/section.

Problem Empty Chapters
Problem Empty Chapters

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Empty Heading 2

In some pages there are empty chapters which are shown in Table of Content. This is not allowed, please remove the empty Heading 2.

Empty Heading 2
Empty Heading 2

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TOC Explanation Not Wanted About on Bottom

TOC Explanation Not Wanted About on Bottom
TOC Explanation Not Wanted About on Bottom

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About Cleanup

video name: TOC and Glossary

Trello link

Trello summary:

Video explains the split into two pages

  • Page O45 about Chapters, Sections, Rows
  • Page O45a about TOC and Glossary





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