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Hostgator is Registrar, DNS hoster and hosting provider in Houston, Texas. The snbchf.com domain is registered with Hostgator for different reasons.
First it is a historical reason because the first snbchf server was with hostgator. The second reason is that they offer a good privacy service. The third one is that the mixture between DNS in the United States and A record and IP address gives an international impression and might help to solve some jurisdictional problems.The disadvantage is that Hostgator support is slow during the Texas night while Europe might be surfing snbchf.com
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Hostgator issue

Recently they had an issue and snbchf was down for that.

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A typical session with Hostgator support is this one Hostgator Support Rating

Hostgator Pings

Chat ID:14569307. Question: A-record changed without authorisation
(1:23:51pm)System:Customer has entered chat and is waiting for an agent.
(1:24:28pm)System:Thank you for verifying your billing account [email protected]!
(1:25:32pm)James H.:Welcome to HostGator Live Chat. My name is James and I will be glad to assist you with your issue.
(1:26:03pm)George:Hello, it seems that hostgator has changed the A record for my domain
(1:26:10pm)George:without authorisation
(1:26:19pm)James H.:What’s the domain I’ll be glad to check.
(1:26:29pm)George:the ticket is DBE-36817804
(1:26:30pm)James H.:Please give me a moment to look into this issue.
(1:26:36pm)George:please check on the ticket
(1:26:51pm)George:you will see that half the world has already a wrong IP address
(1:31:21pm)James H.:Thank you so much for your patience! It is very appreciated and I will return soon with an update.
(1:34:30pm)James H.:I truly appreciate your time today. It may be a few moments longer while I continue to address the issue at hand.
(1:39:30pm)James H.:I apologize again for the time this is taking. I assure you I will be done troubleshooting and return with an update soon.
(1:39:36pm)George:Please provide the A record in your Database for snbchf.comAnd, based on this, I would like to know why the site resolves to for many global locations
(1:42:14pm)James H.:Something is going on with the launchpad name servers it was nothing that one of our techs did or our server admins. I’m currently investigating it right now I’m sorry. There may be a delay but rest assure I’ll keep you updated.
(1:46:05pm)James H.:If you want I can keep an eye on this ticket and we can get an answer for you with a reply see if I can get it escalated even, or you can sit here with me in chat and I can give you some details as I get them. Which would you prefer?
(1:46:52pm)George:Please get it escalated, I got the impression that Hostgator and the Launchpad name servers got hacked
(1:47:34pm)George:what time is it for you?
(1:47:55pm)James H.:5:48 A.M. for me.
(1:48:14pm)George:many admins not yet at work…
(1:48:57pm)James H.:Our admins and techs works 365 round the clock.
(1:50:48pm)George:Do they work all over the world? Or only in Houston?
(1:52:09pm)James H.:We have an office in Houston and Austin.
(1:55:31pm)James H.: Is there anything else I may assist you with today? We’ll make sure we update you with the ticket.
(1:56:18pm)George:U understand that the issue is very important to us.
The website is down because Hostgator points to the wrong A record
(1:56:50pm)George:Therefore I asked about your records, your DB entries.
(1:57:21pm)George:I was used to very quick response for these kind of issues
(1:57:44pm)George:Effectively the ticket HGW-36287697 was solved very quickly.
(1:58:14pm)George:This time, however, Hostgator seems to be sleeping
(1:59:36pm)George:If I do not get response in appropriate time, I am obliged to transfer the domain
(2:00:28pm)James H.:We are looking into this issue now though. Keep that in mind that we work round the clock it takes time to troubleshoot.
(2:00:51pm)George:thank you for information
(2:02:32pm)James H.: Is there anything else I may assist you with today?
(2:03:02pm)George:when will give a useful update for the ticket?
(2:07:11pm)James H.:As soon as we get an answer rest assure.
(2:07:39pm)George:should I stay here in the chat or wait for a response inside the ticket?
(2:10:02pm)James H.:I would wait on the response of the ticket.
(2:10:31pm)George:But you have escalated the ticket? An admin is working on it?
(2:11:05pm)James H.:Yes it will be done as soon as possible.

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