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ST61 Contact Requests Process

Page no: ST61

Mail Categories


  1. Urgent Mails: Complaint or pay Money: 1-2 days
  2. Publictity
  3. Content Changes / Author Feedback

Keyword and Categories


Keyword Category Template
Guest Post Publicity Guest Post (S62, link)
Urgent: Complaint or Pay Money
Author Feedback
New Feed




Video and pics

New Way of work

  • Work on Thunderbird
  • Read Client Mails from Ecoblogs company mail ([email protected])
  • Go trough all new emails and read them
  • For all mail assign tags based on the subject and text of the email
  • Tags must be set manually, the automatic tags are only a help
  • Click on star when the email is considered as Important
  • If it is copyright issue, take actions at the moment
  • Delete obvious spam feedback first: Viagra, simple SEO, but not good ideas
  • Assign Feedback Group:
    1.  Complaint: We must remove content –> IMPORTANT
    2. Author Feedback: Example: an existing author who wants to edit his profile.
    3. New Writer: Somebody who wants his article get published or who wants to write for us.
    4. Idea: Example: Automatic translation of articles (possibly inside FeedWP)
  • Action: Remove articles or half-content
    other actions decided by George

Trello Regular Task User Feedback

Read Client Mails from Ecoblogs Company Mail
Read Client Mails from Ecoblogs Company Mail

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Message filters 

  • Create a general filter so that we do not assign write tags (see example in red)

Create message filters (based on the manual work below)

Use (from,to) or (subject) or (body) as you need it

Look on old messages, find the keyword

  1. Create filters for spam and name them
  2. Create filters for complaint
  3. Author Feedback (picture, bio)
  4. New Writer
  5. Pay Money
  6. Idea (probably manual only)

Move the new filters to the top so they will run first

Contact Requests, New Tags, Wrong Tags


Solve most things yourselves:

  • Add photos
  • Update bio
  • Remove
  • Give Credit : This means link to their website instead our original source
  • Remove spam

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