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Create new Feed with FeedWP

This page describes how to create a new feed on our feedsite using our Feed WordPress plugin.


Create new Feed with FeedWP

  • If there is a mail from YOU ON ECOBLOGS. How exactly? –> Subject of the email is written like this –> “Subject: Copyright – New client / Participate”
  • This means the email is from You on Ecoblogs
  • Write a template answer to the clienttemplate
  • Template Link


  • Give name of category for SNBCHF
  • Ecoblogs: Person Name + Blog Name (if it is special)

Find RSS

– Open page source and after that

Open Page Source
Open Page Source

- Click to enlarge

 – we search for “feed” or “rss”

Search RSS of Feed
Search RSS of Feed

- Click to enlarge

New Link

First we must add the link via Links -> Add new. We should add the proper category, too. This is very important, otherwise the FeedWordpress will not add it into his list.

We have to write the right name for the feed. It will be used all over in the site. We also have to add the link to the blog.

create link 1

Adding link

Then we must find and add the RSS. Otherwise we can’t syndicate this blog

create link 2

Put the RSS into the link form

New Category

Then we must add the category for the blog. We use the same name as the name of the link. Then we add short slug for it. We can’t syndicate the link without the category.

create category

Adding a new category

Syndication settings

Then we make the settings for the feed according to the documentation, which can be found in Configuration of the Syndication

set syndication 2

Syndication Settings – Link

category and tags

Syndication Settings – Category and tags

Category to the menu

Then we have to add the category to the menu

add in menu

Adding category in the menu

Then using PageBuilder we have to add the category into the homepage.

PageBuilder settings page


Add new Widgets

Then we have to add it into the sidebar using the Widgets. Widgets can be found in Appearance -> Widgets.

add widget

Adding Widgets page


Filters are filled according to this page.

Fill the feed table

We fill the feed table for SNBCHF and different ecoblogs.

Authors based on Feed

FeedWP creates an author automatically based on the data in the site.

At first we would change the slug for the author that comes with the feed.

The slug must correspond to [first name – last name] or for companies



See create author documentation 

CSS Changes for new feed

Usually new feed is added perfectly without CSS changes. But some of the feeds, which are not on the popular platforms like WordPress or Blogger, we need to make some correction to the text. Most of the times, they use span for every element. They only change the class of the span. For example:

<span class=”c2″>The heading</span><span class=”c3″>The paragraph</span>




In that cases we check which elements what they are and we add the needed css code.

See more for Autofeed