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C28 Mailpoet DB Structure

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This page contains more details about the DB tables for subscribers of the blog.


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Business Requirements

Before we stored the blog / Mailpoet subscribers in our WordPress user table. But the double-opt in was not working. So we changed and store all subscribers into Mailpoet database.

Database Design

Mailpoet users

Mailpoet use own wordpress table for storing our old subscribers.

The name is: vl63azb_wysija_user


Database Design
Database Design

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WordPress User

WordPress use vl63azb_users table.

Wordpress Users Table
Wordpress Users Table

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Connection between Mailpoet and WordPress tables

The connection between the two tables is shown on the image.

wp_user_id is the key of mailpoet and ID is from WP Users.


Connection Between Mailpoet and Wordpress Tables
Connection Between Mailpoet and Wordpress Tables

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Our subscribers

Old way: Store into WordPress Users

Before we use the core WordPress table for storing our subscribers. The table is: vl63azb_users.

New way: Store into Mailpoet Subscribers

Now we store the subscribers into Mailpoet subscribers table called vl61aop_mailpoet_subscribers.

Sync subscribers

How do make sure that all our users obtain emails? Can we copy from one table to another?

Copying from WP users to Maipoet is possible. The opposite – no.

We have two options:

Frist: When a new user is added into wp_users tables, it automatically goes into mailpoet_subscribers table, too. It is automatically done by Mailpoet plugin.

Second solution is manual sync. Mailpoet has a function for manual sync of the two tables. It is under Lists menu.





Sync Subscribers
Sync Subscribers

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Keith Weiner has his Email under Users, is it copied?
Yes, we have full sync.
Did we copy it, was it synched before? V2 vs. V3

Yes, when we update the plugin all data was copied and migrated. We used V2 with our wp_users table, but now V3 is used with mailpoet subscribe table.


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