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George Morgan
My articles
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Page no: T50


We must exclude news sites. 

Missing Cats

We are currently working on both Customer Segments.
Customer Segment #1: EasyBacklinks for SEO, focus since Sunday.
Customer Segment #2: PromoteAuthor,


Area Requirements Requirement Details Solution Planned for
 Product Plugins needed:
Quick Edit for entering twitter and emails
Revive old posts
Order by video missing: 1d work
Sales Pages (Quick Edit) = Contact Me (Full Edit)
Linkedin Missing in Overview
Place for editing very small, boxes bigger
About me missing
April 8, 2021
1b: News sites, do not tweet news sites like
@cashch or @nevermindthemarkets
2 Fill authors incl their site, twitter, linked, sales page
(including their videos)
  • Twitter
  • Email, if possible real Email address
    You find it inside Impressum, Contact
  • LinkedIn: please do not take Indonesia or India
    UK, US or Germany for German Authors
  • my Offer: see rules




  • All Channel Contributors
  • All Super Contributors
  • Users with most posts

Ecoblogs, based on #Posts only

  • Austrian
  • Centralbanks
  • Heterodox
  • Leaders
  • Macro
  • Swiss

Not done for:

  • Crypto

What about Channel Contributors on Ecoblogs?
Only based on existing authors.
No Channel Contributors without posts.

Tue-next Tue
3. Tweet Author from Dorgang with their content Dorgang every 4 hours
4a. Follow author Group 1: My Offer, My Site, About Me  (outside SNBCHF)
Group 2: My Articles, My Videos, My Books
Group 3: Follow: LinkedIn, Twitter, Seeking Alpha
Ordering issues -> DONE
Only config in Follow Author


Minor issues
4b. Author Pages Similar in Author Pages, but only 2 rows Videos as default: Logic?


Minor issues
5. Tweet author with SNBCHF and Blogs As today Only config in ReviveOld Posts
Put screen into Config page
6. Tweet author with his author profile page


for all, every 2 hours (I think)
ecoblogs and Dorgang
Only config in ReviveOld Posts 
Put screen into Config page
Programming part Go live – George
7. Chat Tool (Crisp) Friday
8. Google Stats Google Stats 

9. Twitter Stats Do authors click on the linked pages or not?

Twitter asks sometimes to open link, when retweeting

Twitter statistic Tuesday
10b. Tweet Author with surveys / questions
like “is this right sales page?”
config in ReviveOld Posts
George needs to know how to do this
Go-Live waiting
10a. What would you pay for regular backlinks into your sales page?
/ 15 Client Interviews
Go-Live with Survey.


10. Stats of our sales pages How many people are clicking?
Where are they coming from?
Do they come from Twitter?
Make them click on it via Email?
Need the email if they are not clicking?

DONE – Statistic implemented.

11a. Verification of blogs inside Tweetdeck


Click on Links:

Create authors that are missing, that are tweeting.


click on User Profile
see if name is correct: not “[email protected] Constantin Gurdgiev”
edit in the backend
11b. Collect feedback and follow Follow the author that like or retweet

  • Preferably Follow with the right blog
  • Follow from Account
  • Corrections, wrong Twitter.
11c. Messages messages to authors:
11d. Survey send survey as message as authors
12a. Category plugin to all blogs Monday
12b. Distribution of plugins and widgets into all blogs.


13 Banners, FrontEnd to Economicblogs Tuesday
14. Stopped feeds on Ecoblogs Tuesday
15. Books Programming -. We can tweet books.

Load the books

GO live – George

Load the books




do not tweet their sales page inside twitter
but provide nice excerpt  (nice to have)
Only in Twitter
Not on Mails


1. Make sure that we do not tweet private content
Make Posts Private first !!or stop feeds exclude additional ones,

Feeds stopped on Friday


See more for _Author-Company